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Clean up for 01/17/2024 content update

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This week's update added the comic title Axles infernal.  Should that really be Axles Infernal [note the change in capitalization] ?

Also added is the title I Am Gandi (DIal Books).  That should really be I Am Gandi (Dial Books) [note the change in capitalization].

Dark Age: A Collection of Fantasy Art was added to the database as a Comic title.  Based on the title, I wonder if this belongs in Magazines (more likely) or Books (less likely).  Can anybody who has this item verify whether the contents are comics or artwork?

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51 minutes ago, Randall J. Paske said:


Gandhi  is also misspelled in this title entry.

You know, at first I thought that this book might be a duplication of the I Am Gandhi title that is already in the database, but apparently it is something entirely different.  Mycomicshop lists it a little bit differently.  If anybody on these boards has these books, can you check the indicia to see how they are actually titled?  A verification of the contents is also warranted, I think.  Mycomicshop calls this an "illustrated book" whereas CB lists it as a comic book.  

Note that there is also a hardcover version of the Dial Books title.  

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