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Two databases on phone app

Randy Box

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When I start my phone app, there are two databases listed.  I tap on the first one and nothing happens.  I tap on the second one and my collection appears.  I went to my account and deleted all the databases there.  I started Sidekick and sent another one.  I logged out of my phone app.  When the database showed up in my account profile, I restarted my phone and logged back into my phone app.  Two databases are still there with the top one not having anything in it.  The bottom one is my collection.  How can I get rid of the top one so that I don't have to select a database?

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Try this:

In ComicBase, use File->Collection Statistics.
In the top right-hand corner is an icon that looks like a stack of discs with an 'i' in a circle. Click on this.
In the middle of the next window is 'Database ID' with a long string of numbers an letter. This is the Unique Identifier for the database.  Note this or copy it somewhere.

Go to the ComicBase website.

Use My Account->My Comics.
For each database listed, remove all reports

Then use My Account->Profile.

Scroll down to 'Known Databases'
Delete any databases that do NOT match the Unique Identifier.
(or you can just delete all the listed databases.)

Open the ComicBase App on you mobile device.
There should be nothing available.

Back in ComicBase use Sidekick and click on Save to Cloud

When finished Go back to ComicBase website and check 'Known Databases' uner Profile and 'Reports' in My Comics.
(This may take a few minutes to get propogated and displayed).

If everything looks correct (Database and Unique Identifier are correct) open ComicBase App on mobile device and see what you have.

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Did you create another Database at some point (even if you later deleted it) or do you have another database on your system?
When you use CB or Sidekick, certain actions prompt CB to send a list of found databases to the CB Website.

Some things you can check...

In CB use File->Recent Databases and see if more than one database shows up.
In Windows, go to C(colon)\Users\<your-logon-id>\Documents\Human Computing\ComicBase Databases folder and see if there more than one *.cbdb file (that are not backups).

You can use the Database Unique Identifier (found with File->Collection Statistics then clicking on the icon that looks like a cylinder in the top right corner) to remove the extraneous one from the CB Website.

If you have not created a new database and/or don't have an extra database in the supplied folder, then I am not sure how the second database is showing up.


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I definitely only have one database and I haven't created any new ones. I checked both spots you pointed out and only one database appears. I'll let you know if it happens again, but I can't see any reason why empty databases are getting created. 

For what it's worth, each time an empty database turns up the unique identifier has been composed entirely of zeroes. 

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