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Selling Comics in NM- condition

James Buck

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Due to an issue with duplicate issues I recently removed all my issues for sale and re-posted them.  It took awhile for the items to show up on the Atomic Avenue website, but when they did I noticed some issues missing.  The issues in question are graded "NM-" condition.  I am using the VF-NM grouping option.

Please let me know if this is unique to my situation or a global issue.



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Hello Mark,

Attached image from the window that comes up when selecting "Post Items For Sale to Atomic Avenue" under the Internet menu.

Would you like me to re-submit?  Scanning more comics in so I can set a few control items as "Near Mint -" to test.



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UPDATE:  I wasn't aware that I didn't have the most up-to-sate version, so I installed and it now displays as V20.0.2.3210

Immediately after the update I posted a few new issues for sale, the update went very quickly, but the Near Mint - issue still does not show.

I then tried posting a few more after de-selecting "List VF and NM items as VF-NM" and the Near Mint - graded items still did not show.

One of the primary reasons I am using the "Near Mint -" condition is the glitch with the "Add by Barcode" feature.  As I add issues I often set a different selling price - if I leave the condition "Near Mint" the selling price that I modified in that window reverts back to a calculated price in the software.  When I change the condition the selling price I modified flows through after adding.  And I tried that after updating the software, no change.  The updated selling price only carries with a non Near Mint condition.

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Sorry if I caused any confusion, my first post should have read “Near Mint -“ (near mint minus) not “NM- “ which I realize could cause confusion and corrected with my follow up. If “Near Mint - “ is not a standard condition in the database then my apologies, I thought it was. Can anybody confirm that “Near Mint -“ is in the standard install of ComicBase?  Maybe I created it in the first few days I was using the software, although I don’t remember doing so.

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In my Archive Edition I only have:

Mint MT

Near  Mint NM

Very Fine to Near Mint VF-NM

Fine FN

Very Good VG

Good G

Fair FA

Poor P


and all the various 'slabbed' conditions (i.e. CGC, PGX, and Restored PGX.


I will let the folks at HC address how a NM- (Near Mint Minus) is handled when posting to AA as I don't sell and have know knowledge.

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