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G. Hecht

Cancellations for 12/12/2020

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DC has informed retailers that all of the below items have been cancelled.  They indicate that these will be resolicited in a different format, so all of these should be deleted from the database:

  • Absolute Fables  https://atomicavenue.com/title/64043/Absolute-Fables
  • Superman: Man of Steel by John Byrne Omnibus vol. 1 (I'm not seeing this in the database even though it was officially solicited)
  • Legion of Super-Heroes: The Road to the Legion tpb (I'm not seeing this in the database even though it was officially solicited, but I'm pretty sure that this was supposed to collect issues of Legion of Super-Heroes: Millennium and Legion of Super-Heroes (8th series).)

Also, orders have been cancelled for Batman: The Golden Age Omnibus vol. 8 https://atomicavenue.com/atomic/item/952800/1/Batman-The-Golden-Age-Omnibus-8-Hardcover.  Although DC claims that they will resolicit, my recommendation would be to remove this item from the database until they actually do so.  


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