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Gregory Hecht

Frank Frazetta updates

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The following titles should be moved to a different media category:

Incidentally, there is some weirdness in how the database is handling the entries in the Frank Frazetta and Fantastic Art of Frank Frazetta titles.  

  • Books #2 through #5 of the database's Frank Frazetta title are actually part of the same series as the Art of Frank Frazetta Book #1 entry.  They were all published from 1977 through 1985.  But only Book #1 in the series has "The Fantastic Art of..." in the title as the title was simplified starting with the second book.  
  • The item listed as Frank Frazetta #1 was published in 1996 but it has been lumped in with the older books, so it creates a weird situation where a #1 entry published in 1996 is listed as preceding a #2 entry published in 1977.  

Two solutions, take your pick:

  • Move Frank Frazetta #2 through #5 over to the Fantastic Art of Frank Frazetta title.  Update the dates of both title descriptions.
  • Or you can kick the 1996 Frank Frazetta book into its own title.  (Don't forget to update the publication dates of the existing title)

I recommend the first option but YMMV.  

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