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Conversion did not transfer a field

Edward G. Guetzow

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Ok,  I had not noticed until now but I have a custom field that was not converted at all to the new database software.  My last database backup is available (10/2019) and I think that this is the last db pertinent to CB 17,  Wasn't the new CB 20 introduced in November?

Anyway, this custom field is used to store condition notes for each book.  I have a database of over 4000 entries and many had personal condition notes attached to them.

What can I do to get the data in this custom field to transfer to the new 2020 database?

Thank you!

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I tried the export/import method with a couple of entries and find that it does not work correctly or at least in the way that I want it to work.  🙂

I installed 2017 and exported TITLE, ISSUE NUMBER, QUANTIFY and CUSTOM FIELD 4.

I then opened 2020 and arranged the 2020 database so that the fields were in the same order as the 2017 imported data.  I then successfully imported the test data (4 issues in 2 titles).

Results were successful in that the data was transferred.

HOWEVER, it created new entries for the comics.  I now had double or triple copies of my existing records with the desired CUSTOM FIELD 4 data but only in the extra, duplicate fields and NOT in my already existing records.

Can ONLY the one CUSTOM FIELD 4 be transferred or not?  If so, how to do it?


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I just tested this and it should work.  I would still do this on a copy of the CB 2020 database, just to be on the save side.

Export from CB 2017: Title, Issue Num, Condition, Qty in Stock and Custom Field 4.

In CB 2020, set all the Item # Qty In Stock to 0.

Import the CB 2017 file into CB 2020. Since the Qty in Stock in the CB 2020 database are 0, they will NOT cause duplicate issues and Custom Field 4 values WILL be present.


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I think that you both need to know that I am trying to recover this data in this field for my existing 2020 database.  My 2020 Database has my collection already converted/transferred.  I have been making additions to this database since Nov.  It is not a new, empty database.  The comics that require the missing data are already in the database and set up.  I am now trying to get that information into the database.

Neither suggestions given work.

I am testing this process by only exporting 2 titles.

One title has one record with Custom Field 4 data.  I set quantity to 0 in the 2020 DB.  It didn't work so I also set the quantity in the 2017 database to 0.  Here is the result:


As you can see the record was duplicated.


The other title has 3 records with Custom Field 4 data.  However, in this case, the import results in 9 extra records.  Three for each one that I am trying to update!


The records desired are all marked, so that when I specify the export, I check the button to transfer marked issues.  The best i am getting is a duplicate of the records with the Custom Field 4 information.

More help, please!  🙂



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Yes. I understand. Existing CB 2020 database with current data is missing Custom Field 4 data. Trying to populate with old CB 2017 data.

Good new is setting Qty in Stock to 0 in the existing 2020 database works successfully  to import the file of CB 2017 data without duplication and with the Custom Field 4 data applied. (I have tested and verified this).

Bad new is this appears to only work for the standard CB Grades (MT, NM, VF-NM, VF, FN, VG, G, FA, P (and maybe Ungraded)). (I have also tested and verified this problem).

The Import Duplicates the issues for any Custom Grades you create (i.e. Good to Very Good), or any of the 'slabbed' grades (PGX, CGC, CBSC, ets.).

This may be a bug in the Import process.

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This is what i have come to suspect.  Custom grades seem to be the determining factor in the process.  Perhaps if I were to change grades to standard grades, import and then correct them later.  However, that would be as many as 3000 entries, though.  Still less work than evaluating and reentering.


I will keep experimenting.. I appreciate any other thoughts on this!

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If you are careful you might try doing them in batches (one per different condition).

Step 1: Make sure there are NO Marked comics (Find where Marked is Checked).

Step 2: Find all the Good To Very Good conditions.

Step 3a: In the Find result for that Condition, Select all the Issues and Quick Change Marked to Checked (so you can find these specific ones and change them back later).

Step 3b: In the same Find Result, Select all the Issues and Quick Change Condition to one of the standard ones (doesn't really matter as long as it matches what you are importing).

Step 3c: In the same Find Result, Select all Issues and Quick Change Qty In Stock to 0.

Step 4: With a file that ONLY contains the issues that correspond with the Condition you are working with ( Good to Very Good in this example), Import the rows.

Step 5: Find all Marked issues and verify that the Custom Field 4 values got added.

Step 6a: Assuming everything looks good, with the Find result, Quick Change Condition back to what it was originally (Good to Very Good for this example).

(You shouldn't have to change Qty In Stock as the Import file should set that to 1 (or whatever number you need).

Step 6b: If everything looks good, change all the Marked Issues to Unchecked.

Repeat steps 1 to 6b for each different condition.


Alternately, if you are good with Excel or a Database, you could export the CB 2020 database and use Excel, a Database to Merge the rows you want then Import into a new database.  This would depend on how familiar you are with doing this type of thing.


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