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Default currency selection & presentation

Brian Fournier

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After upgrading to Comicbase 2020 I can not find the default currency feature.

When I view my comics (any criteria) - the comics listed have the "Currency" column displayed but empty.

Below you can see an example.


How can this be fixed?

I don't want to have to change every single comics (10,000+) to Canadian for example.

I have searched the various menu's and help, but to no avail...

Perhaps I'm too blind and can't see the option, so any suggestions would help.





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Hi Brian,

It looks like something is amiss with your database--Cover Price Currency should be displayed for all issues. Try downloading a content update and see if it sets things right for you--if not, please get in touch with tech support directly.

As for the database pricing currency, it's under File > Collection Statistics, then click the Database Info icon at the center-right.



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On 1/23/2021 at 6:04 PM, Roberto Narcisi said:

i want change the currency from us to canadian dollars, i don't know how,  please help!

What version of ComicBase are you currently using? CB2021? If so, are you using the latest build for it too?

Current build is which you can download/install from your online account here: https://www.comicbase.com/mycb//Registrations.aspx

This video of ours talks about currency change: https://youtu.be/-wOiWN8fhrQ?t=436

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Uninstalling and reinstalling wouldn't do anything to resolve what you're trying to do (if i understand you correctly)...

my previous reply with the video link where Pete discusses how to currency change your db in the software not work for you? Are you confused at a certain point?

what region/language setting is your Windows OS set to by the way?

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