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Wallpaper Rotator & Screen Saver

Fred Slota

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Come on, guys, add this to Sidekick...

You have a massive library of images, and yes, there are third-party programs out there that can use them for these purposes (although, not many that will operate easily with the large number of nested folders), but you have the ability to integrate your picture library with your database.

You can have a filter that avoids adult titles.
You can have a filter that shows only in-stock issues.
You can caption pictures with Title, issue#, Cover date, Price.
You can include the Notes field.

For stores, you could show the price.
For stores, you could filter for sale items.


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I still use it if I just want to see different pictures. However, it will throw errors occasionally on the screen that shows multiple images if it can't find or use a picture. Once it does, it will stay on the screen until I clear the error message, which is why I don't actually use it as a screen saver. I don't know if that's a Win10 issue, a screensaver issue, or a picture issue.

AFAIK it doesn't have the filtering features you were asking about, but it will display images from any folder.

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I had still been using the old CB Cover Gallery screen saver through the Win10 update with no issues.  My problem occurred with the update to CB2020, for some reason.  It would only throw an error message after that, so I switched my screen saver to the Slideshow option Windows has and selected the covers folder as the one to use.

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