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Deleting bad data

Craig A. Guerin

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I've noticed that there is wrong data at times in the cover date, Artist & Writer.

When I delete the wrong data, it still tries to search for the data because the search list still includes it.

eg do a item search for artist and the first option is .

The artist list is massive so how do I refresh the list so that it doesn't show these errors and not find them either.

Do I need to submit each mistake, wait for it to be accepted and hope the search list no longer includes it

Hope that makes sense. Any help would be appreciated.



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Yes. For the most part, individuals need to correct the errors and submit them.  It may take awhile for the corrections to be reviewed / updated. Until then, the mistakes will come back with the next update.

You can run  File->File Tools - Rebuild Lists, Item Information to update the indexes after you have made changes to remove them from searches.

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Thanks Steven 

I already did this and it still brings up the same search list. Its like it remembers there used to be something, tries to find it and doesn't succeed. I tried closing and re-opening and it didn't refresh the list. Has anybody else tried to clean the drop down list so that only legitament writers or Artists show up?

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Craig, I find the same situation you describe, re: a corrected error still showing up in the search list, but yielding negative results if I search on it after I've made the correction(s).  Rebuilding the list to update the index as Steven recommended fixes that, at least, it always has for me - until the error recurs in the master database and gets downloaded into my database.

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