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Possible media file bug

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Hi , I will describe waht happens.

I add a media file to an issue.

The media file play icon appears.

When I click on it nothing happens.

Then if I go to the previous title, and then forward back to the title I was on the media icon play icon for that issue has disappeared.

However if I open the media file folder for the title via another issue which has a media file and drag and drop the new media into the folder all is well.

It means I can't add a media file to any issue in a title that doesn't already have a media file folder.

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Yes I do have a cbr playing software but that is not the issue here.

I have done some more digging into this as it is still a problem.

I have hardrive E for pictures which is a 1Tb internal SSD drive.

I have a harddrive G for media files a 5 Tb sata internal drive.

In manage pictures and movies I have set the following:

Picture location


Media location


When I add pictures everything is fine.

When I add media the media icon appears in comics base next to the relevant issue. But when I click on the media icon for the newly added media nothing happens. When I click on existing media for the title the media loads correctly.

So to work out where the newly added media was going I added one with a quirky name and then did a search. Comicbase is creating and storing it in E:\comics\media folders.

But since in manage and pictures and movies I have it set to G:\comics\media the program shouldn't do this.

The program knows my media is on the G drive for existing media and plays and finds it correctly. But any newly added media is being stored on the E drive and then the program can't find it.

Please Comicbase people fix this.



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Hi Robert,

Make sure you've got the _very_ latest build, and that you explicitly select your media folder under Manage Pictures and Movies again -- previous builds had trouble when the media folder was at the root level of a hard drive (still not a good practice--should always be in a subfolder)


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Thanks Pete,

Tried your suggestion but the program is still storing new media in my E drive as above but reads correctly from my G drive, so it doesn't find the new media unless I manually create and store the media in folders on my G drive which is a workaround but a pain.

I have downloaded the latest version .1513 and reset and then typed in the drive paths again as per my previous entry above  - but no joy.

I do not have the same issue with picture files which work fine.

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