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How to Find Titles/Issues NOT in the Master Database

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Until HC figures out an official way to way to check for any Titles that you have in your Database but are NOT in the Master Database HC maintains, here are steps to get the same (and better) information.  It is better because the old method only found Titles. This method will find Titles OR Issues.

1) Make a copy of your database.
Use Menu item File->Save a Copy and give it a new name.

2) Switch to the new copy.
Use Menu item File->Open...

2.1) Optional. Change Theme.
Use Menu item File-Theme...
Using a color that is NOT your normal Theme will let you know this is NOT your real database.

3) Run an Update.
Use Menu item Internet->Check for Updates
This is only needed if you have not run the most recent update. If you are not sure you can 'force' an Update by Pressing and Holding the SHIFT key when selecting Check for Updates.

4) Set all comic Quantity in Stock to 0

NOTE: Make sure you ARE in you database copy (the Theme Color would help). You can check by looking at the title bar (far top left corner) where you ComicBase Edition (database name) is displayed.

Use Menu item Items->Mass Change.
Set Change: to Qty in Stock
Click To: Value and enter 0.
Apply To: All Titles.
Click Make Changes. (This can NOT be undone.  See Note about making sure what you are working with...)
Do this for Comic Books, Books and Magazines.

4) Force an Update.
Press and Hold SHIFT key while selecting Menu item Internet->Check for Updates
Using the SHIFT key 'forces' the system to re-run the last update.

5) Display results.
When the Update is completed, click the See What's New button.
Anything Deleted (Titles or Issues, Comics Books, Books, or Magazines) is NOT in the Master database but WAS in your database.

PS While these specific steps are for CB 2021 (and CB 2020), they should work for earlier versions.

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Steve, thanks for posting this.  I have a related question.  I have a "clean" database that I keep updated every week as a "copy of master" for easier reference.  Can you think of a way to compare two databases (aside from exporting both into CSV and compare the two in a spreadsheet or text comparison)?


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Short answer. No.  Longer answer. No way. Even longer answer.... Uh, I better not post it...

(A, you don't have direct access to the database and B, you can't open 2 databases at the same time)


After think about this I came up with a better answer. It is still NO but the reason is...

There is no direct connection between the two databases. They can't see each other. The reason my solution above was possible is there IS a connection between the database and the HC Master Database via the Update process. Without that, the only option is to export the data to another process (spreadsheet or database) so that they can see and be compared to each other.

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I was afraid of that, but thought I ask those wiser than I.


Also, allow me to apologize for being unclear.  I didn't mean to imply/request access to the master database.  I'd long ago created a new database and have done nothing with it other than to apply the weekly updates; that way, the database mirrors the master without being an actual copy.   I was hoping there was some kind of database magic that could be used to compare the two, but it sounds like a resounding no, no way, better not post it! 😁

I'll play around with some methods and see if anything works nicely.


Thank you, kind sir.

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Thanks for posting this. I should have went back and added this.

The original post was before this feature was added and was a workaround until it did appear. (actually, it was instrumental to getting this feature added...).

Now that it is available, the new feature should be used as it is much easier.

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