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Direct and Newstand Variants

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Some Marvel books have newstand annd direct variants that have slightly different covers

i.e some have a barcode bottom left and other have a superhero e.g. spiderman head logo bottom left - see below images

Do we want both in comicbase?

At the moment there seems to be a mixture.

Cover for Master of Kung Fu (Marvel, 1974 series) #110 [Newsstand]

Cover for Master of Kung Fu (Marvel, 1974 series) #110 [Newsstand]

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I've noticed variations of this topic in different areas.  I'm one of those that has been separating the newsstand editions (I've been using "NSE", oh well), primarily because I have a version of my database that has scans of my covers and I want them to match exactly.  That said, I did some hunting around and found some things that might be interesting. 

Apologies if I'm repeating content from another post.  As usual on the Internet, opinions (and "facts") sometimes clash.  I am not in any way associated with any of entities below nor endorse them, but they seemed to at least be current. YMMV

Newsstand editions


"Whitman" editions confused me even more (and still do)...


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