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Issues with Covers in ComicBase 2020 Pro

Brett Carroll

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=== SUMMARY ===

  • I get "Unrecognized resource in LoadMessage" when trying to download a single cover.
  • Covers float over "Title pane".
  • Only the first cover of each title is in the archive on the website (not writing this up as I believe it's a feature of the Profession Edition, just want to confirm)
    Do you have any suggested workarounds to batch import (correctly named) personal images into the Pictures folder?

=== Steps to reproduce - Unrecognized resource in LoadMessage ===

  1. Open a Title
    1. Click Titles button/link in the upper right
    2. Choose All Titles radio button
    3. Type "Superior Spider-Man"
    4. Click Go
      Expected Output:  You are sent to the Superior Spider-Man Title page.

      Actual Output: You are sent to the Superior Spider-Man Title page.
  2. Download Cover  
    1. Select a row by left-clicking the left-most column in any row.
    2. Right-Click the left-most column in selected row
    3. Choose Download Cover
      Expected Output:  Downloads Cover.  (Not sure what it is supposed to do, as I've not gotten this to work)
      I would expect that it simply replaces the "place-holder" image with a high quality image without watermark.

      Actual Output:  Message Box with Warning Yellow Bang:
      Title Bar:  ComicBase 2020 Professional Edition
      Message Content:  Unrecognized resource in LoadMessage
  3. Click through Warning Message  
    1. Click OK on Message Box
      Expected Output: I'm not sure what it is supposed to do here, or why redirecting to the login page (see below) is supposed to help?

      Actual Output:  Eventually Redirects to: https://www.comicbase.com/mycb/CustomerLogin.aspx?ReturnPage=https://www.comicbase.com/mycb/Registrations.aspx 
      Message Box with Information Blue Lowercase "i" icon.
      Title Bar:  ComicBase 2020 Professional Edition
      Message Content:  No new or larger covers for the selected items are currently available.
  4. Click through Informational Message
    1. Click OK on Message Box
      Expected Output:  No output.

      Actual Output:  No output.

=== Steps to reproduce - Covers float over "Title pane" ===

  1. Open a Title ( see above repro steps )
  2. Click Image Column (Image column must have an image, the first comic for the title has one for me.)
    Expected Output:  Current Image in "Title Pane" is replaced if it is not the same image.

    Actual Output:  Image shows next to image in "Title Pane". 

    If selected row loses focus, image goes behind ComicBase Main window. (You can move the window to see it)
    If you select the image again, it moves on top of the "Title Pane" (You can move the cover image around this way) 
    Otherwise it is unable to move by clicking and dragging it.
Edited by Brett Carroll
Changed Right-most to Left-most, added step to select row, clarification on downloading cover for selected row.
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Brett, ComicBase 2020 Pro Edition does not come with the ability to download covers (that is in the Archive Edition).

However, it should not get an error message as you describe.

Also, even with the Archive Edition, downloaded covers can and do have watermarks.


You can add your own covers. You just have to name them to match the Item #. Basically leave any Alpha-Numeric and replace any other characters with a dash.

1 would be 1.jpg

Bk 1/B would be Bk 1-B.jpg

After naming you can drag drop them over the Grid area for a Title to add them.

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