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Is Jimmy working today?

Gregory Hecht

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I am trying to clean up the number of databases that are tracked by my Mobile app.  I went to my profile on Comicbase.com and deleted all of the databases listed there.  I then saved my main database to the cloud using Sidekick.  Sidekick is set up to make automated reports (collection overview & collection report) when it saves to the cloud.  I also sent a collection overview report manually to the web this morning.  However, no reports show up in my profile.  The mobile app recognizes the database and is able to tell me the total number of books, comics, and magazines, but it also states that no reports are available for the database.  

It is a big collection (well over 50K items in total), so possibly Jimmy "The Server" Gambino choked on it. 

Or has Jimmy decided to take a vacation day today?

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