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ComicBase Mobile "Find Item" not Bolding books in Database.

James H. Hale

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Currently running Android ComicBase Mobile v2.0.4.

My collection database loads from server and I am able to look at what I have through My Collection/View Report.

When I go to "Find Item" and bring up a title that I know is in my database, the comic issues that are in my collection are not appearing, ie Bolded from ones not in the collection.

Is there something that I need to do in order get the mobile app to show comics I currently own using "Find Item"?

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I went to my profile and removed the associated database. Saved a new Database and tried to open it but still have have the same issue.

Am I saving the database incorrectly?  I saved both an Overview and Collection Report and I still didn't see the bolded issues by way of "Find Item".

Is this a 4K vs Archive issue? Are you running 4K or Archive? 


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Running Archive 2021 v21.0.2.1854 and Running Mobile APP v2.0.4.  

Uninstalled and reinstalled mobile app yesterday.

Did the File Menu>Collection Statistics and just checked and for some reason it updated. 

I can now see the bolded issues.

Why would this work and not "Save to Web" Collection Overview/Report or Sidekick Cloud Back Up not work?


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