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Selecting Multiple Titles in Item Checklist

Robert A. Weinberg

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Have I forgotten how to do this? I want to select multiple titles in Item Checklist from Report in menu bar for CB, but I am unable to do this. Maybe I'm clicking on wrong keys. I click on one title and its highlighted and click on Control key clicking on another title, but it just highlights that title. I can use shift key and highlight mutiple titles in a row, but I don't want to do that. I want to highlight several titles not in a row. What am I missing?

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To select non-consecutive Titles, press and Hold the CTRL key while clicking on the Titles (you can release the CTRL key while scrolling as long as you remember to press/hold it again before selecting more).

The print is to small for me to read on the item checklist window but since it has a Red box around it, it needs something selected/corrected before the Print button will become active.

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Use of the CTRL for selecting non-consecutive items is a Windows function.

Can you use CTRL in CB just to select non-consecutive Items (issues)?

Also, try opening an Windows Explorer window (outside  CB) and see if you can use CTRL to select non-consecutive files. If it works there, it should work in CB.

It works on my Windows computer so it coup be a Parallels thing (maybe some setting is needed).


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On 7/10/2021 at 1:22 PM, Robert A. Weinberg said:

I just figured it out. On my keyboard there is a CTRL/OPT key on the right and a CTRL key on the left side.  The one on the left works with Windows/Parallels. On a Mac both CTRL keys work the same way. I kept usuing the one on the right.  Who knew...not me. 

What Mac are you using?  

On my Macbook Pro that isn't quite a year old I have individual Fn, Control, Option, and Command keys on the left, but only Command and Option on the right (plus the four arrow keys on the right). 

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