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  1. I was told that if you run data twice, you'll have no deltas/stats to show--there will have been no gainers or losers--the report is always against the last update. When we release our next content update and you get it downloaded see if the report looks normal when you run it. Let us know how you make out via email to support@comicbase.com if a problem arises for you.
  2. odd, ran a test with the latest update and don't have the same problem; i'll inquire with our programming team for further advice. Can you screenshot the Report options you picked before you ran it?
  3. no livestream this week (notice of this posted on the our main page and FB page).
  4. what platform are you guys running on? Apple or Android?
  5. We'll look into it. Feel free in the future to use the 'Request Price Check' option under the software's internet menu for listings you run into that seem off in value.
  6. in the main CB software, go the Reports Menu and pick a report style (ex: Collection Report); pick your report options then hit the 'Save to Web' button to upload it your online account.
  7. Have you run the latest content update for your ComicBase database (internet menu>check for updates) to make sure these barcode numbers are in the db before you scan with the app?
  8. thanks. will adjust for the next content update.
  9. Our pricing for these variants mainly comes from AA listings/sales. There isn't a real demand for these so wouldn't expect a lot of movement with them. By all means, if you find other sources that warrant a price adjustment, feel free to change your price in your database AND also apply the 'lock price' option ComicBase provides so our updates don't change them. *we would prefer you use the actual covers than a duplicate of the regular cover.
  10. The main ComicBase desktop software is where all the main inventory work is done and has a lot more features compared to the Mobile App. Having a plug-in barcode scanner for your computer makes inventorying fast when used with the software. The mass comic entry feature Pete mentioned is exclusive to our desktop software if you own our Professional or Archive editions (Items Menu>Add by Barcode) Our Mobile App is a bonus tool that allows you to see your collection's current stats. As Pete mentioned, the mobile app's scanning isn't as efficient as a traditional barcode scanner as it only
  11. Can you upload a fresh copy of your database through ComicBase Sidekick's 'save to cloud' option? We'd like to take a closer look at the db ourselves. When the process completes, please email our team at support@comicbase.com so they know its ready to be looked at.
  12. Hey Brett, go to Comicbase.com, My Account>Profile - take glance at your database list that its accurate. There may be a chance you have more than database linked to it which may be confusing things. Feel free to remove any database you don't use from the list. Also feel free to send up new reports to your online account from the software afterwards. *in order for newer reports to appear, something has to change from the last report uploaded to your account (ex: new item in the db, price change, etc.) otherwise no newer report will post.
  13. Thanks for the suggestion. While we don't have any current plans for such a feature, we'll keep it in mind for future versions of the software.
  14. interesting... the software thinks you have those issues listed instock under Comics Try going into File Menu>File Tools>Rebuild Lists - select the 'Series information' and 'Item Information' then hit the Rebuild button. After the rebuild completes, see if that title still appears under the Comic category afterwards.
  15. There is the off chance it may not be in the database... can you provide the full barcode number and i'll double check we have it or not?
  16. thanks. missed the 's' after Ghost... will fix in the next content update.
  17. we don't have a house copy... what's the official title name stated in the indicia?
  18. Programming team is working on the Mobile app these past few days. The work may cause some temporary errors doing certain things. You're basically scanning a barcode number i assume?
  19. Just to clarify... Do you even see any issues of Amazing Heroes if its listed under Comics category? If so, highlight and delete any issues you might see. *Feel free to screenshot what you see just so we have a better understanding.
  20. are using the latest build for CB2021? if not, just download/install the revised CB2021 program installer (which addresses a few improvements and bug fixes) from your online account here: https://www.comicbase.com/mycb/Registrations.aspx Afterwards, start up CB2021 again and see how it all looks. If you still have trouble please email our team directly at support@comicbase.com
  21. is ComicBase maximized on-screen when you're using it (can you screenshot how it appears on your end)? Any other windows in ComicBase look odd on your end? Anything unique about your computer setup that we should know about? *Please email support@comicbase.com your answers as our programming team can address the trouble for you directly.
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