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  1. Good catch...the entries under the 2nd series should be moved to the 1st series (the 1st 3 issues will be modified to 2nd printings). Adjustments will go into the upcoming content update.
  2. Steven pretty much said what needed to be said on this one. Thanks.
  3. Got word we did had server trouble over the weekend that could have lead to the trouble. Things should be back to normal, have you tried again to update? If the problem still occurs, please email our team at support@comicbase.com for a more immediate inquiry.
  4. check out comics.org and see if you can dig on any info there. The folks over there a very good at tracking old comics; there maybe a series your issue falls into that we can get into the Master database.
  5. Not sure to be honest... message Pete on Slack on about this.
  6. we use a Dymo ourselves... what model number are you using and what label type are you printing on?
  7. I rechecked with our editorial team and we'll have it adjusted to the proper name with the next content update.
  8. In general, whenever you perform a content update, your database will always matches our complete listings in our Master Database. So removing certain titles you don't care for from your database would be undone when you perform your next content update. Alternatively, take a look at the 'View Menu' and it's 'Items to Show' option - you can have it set to just things owned.
  9. Unfortunately this comic has been out long enough for ppl to inventory issues under it. If we force a title name change now it can cause a discrepancy in their collections.
  10. We try our best to make sure all aspects of particular comic are set properly but there could be instances were something might be off. Feel free to contact us if you notice anything and we'll look into it.
  11. Give us a call and our support team an assist you further (408-266-6883)
  12. We typically do a summer sale around late July but I can't confirm at this time. If we do a sale, we'll most likely post news of it on the main website and our FaceBook page along with a newsletter email.
  13. I'm betting when Diamond solicited the 1st issue they didn't' go by the official title name... is the indicia for issue #1 actually state 'Marvel's Spider-Man: Velocity'?
  14. we'll double-check this title and make sure everything matches up for the next content update if anything is off.
  15. Find and Replace got removed with the new version. The workaround would be to run your search first then with the results that come up, select all (Ctrl+A) then apply a quick change (edit menu).
  16. you're running an older build version, try downloading the revised CB2020 program installer from your online account and see if it helps. https://www.comicbase.com/mycb/Registrations.aspx
  17. thanks for the info. We'll get these shifted over the next content update.
  18. Try converting your original .cba file with the latest CB2020 build and see if all your custom field data transfers over. *the latest build is available under your online account here if you need to download it: https://www.comicbase.com/mycb/Registrations.aspx
  19. got word the latest build will fix this now. Try downloading/installing it from comicbase.com (My Account/Registrations)
  20. any new variant you add that isn't already present in our Master db, you'll want to send in a correction for asap so we can add it to Master Database for the next content update. Also wouldn't hurt to send us a quick email (support@comicbase.com) just as a heads up so our editorial team knows to check for those corrections for you.
  21. if we accept a correction from you you should get a correction point. Keep in mind we get blitz with corrections daily so there's a chance someone will send the same info before you.
  22. This feature suggestion has been shared with our programming team for consideration. No decision at this time has been made if it'll be worked in.
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