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  1. thanks for the heads up. In the future, please email us at support@comicbase.com if it has to do with a submission you want to get into the master database. In case i'm not in, at least another team member will know about it (not everyone here on HC reads the forums daily like i do).
  2. It's a known limitation according to the programming team - the Add by barcode/show results will only show the type of list of the top scanned item, since it's impossible to mix and match media types. You may want to separately batch your items by media type.
  3. Pete mentioned you've had computer issues in the past and you likely need to do Windows reset to get everything working again. If you have further questions, message Pete on Slack for more info.
  4. Odd... the recommend steps typically work if there's a Crystal Report problem. I'll need to notify Pete what you're running into. btw, You're running on Windows 10?
  5. recommended steps from the programming team: -Go to your Windows Settings>App List... -Uninstall your CB2022 edition -Uninstall your CB2022 Resource listing -Uninstall your current version of 'SAP Crystal Reports' -lastly, install the latest CB2022 program installer and you should be good to go.
  6. yeah... i'm confused after 2506 statements. please clarify the issues after that number and the covers so our editorial team can clean it up. Everything you mention before that we understand.
  7. thanks for the info. sounds like this should be under its own title.
  8. download/install the revised CB2022 program installer from your online account, it should address the problem: https://www.comicbase.com/mycb/Registrations.aspx
  9. Confused here... So there's only a $7.99 TPB under this title? No MMPB as well? Can we confirm the publisher as well if anyone owns this?
  10. best to email us in the future so our editorial team can address it faster; they don't always read the forums.
  11. our DC order hasn't come in for us to add the official cover scans for those mentioned comics but we'll get them soon.
  12. Thanks for the feedback guys. I notified Pete about these comments, we're considering them for possible program tweaks.
  13. unfortunately not Joel. when you update, you update everything we have in our master database (comics, books, and mags). i'll bring your idea to the programming team for consideration.
  14. thanks for the info. Editorial team will take a look at them.
  15. Reported to the programming team; try saving a fresh a backup and see if it shows up.
  16. Auto versions is generated through Sidekick. They may differ from any report uploaded through the main ComicBase software.
  17. possible problem found... Under your online Profile (https://www.comicbase.com/mycb/Profile.aspx), in the 'Known Databases' list you have 2 databases listed - your main db AND a backup of the main db, both with the same database id number. This most likely confusing our processor. We would suggest you clear the database list entirely by hitting the 'Remove' button. Next, launch ComicBase, load up the database you mainly use, go into the File Menu>Collection Statistics to relink that database to your online account. Afterwards, try uploading new reports and see if they show up properly. If you still have trouble, email our support team at support@comicbase.com
  18. The Collection Statistic step mainly links your database to your online account if you had no database to begin with. You don't have to do that step every time you want to post something to your online account/mobile app.
  19. quick reports aren't available to be uploaded to the mobile app. I'll mention it to our programming team for a feature suggestion.
  20. If its a 5th print variant then you can set it as 1-A-5.
  21. is there a youtube link to this you can provided? would like to view it.
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