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  1. Not sure be to honest. You might want to perform a simple computer restart and try again.
  2. can you post the cover image(s) here? Hopefully the community can shed some light on it.
  3. Notified the programming team, our next build should address this problem.
  4. You're signed into the same account ID with both the CB software and Atomic Ave? If so then its odd you're running to problems. Please feel free to give our support team a call and they can assist you further 408-266-6883
  5. Some publishers print quality isn't as sharp as others so the barcode numbers may not read at times if you scan via the mobile app. Recommend going directly into the software and adding your comics through it.
  6. Typically that message is linked to some sort of internet blockage on your end (firewall or internet security software). You may need to setup a program exception for ComicBase if you use internet security. Editorial Note: "1991-" is not valid date format we go with; If you know the last published year put that at the tail end; its is still printing today go with 'Present'; if you don't know, you can just set it to 1991 examples: 1991 1991-2001 1991-Present
  7. the renewal box shouldn't play into the problem. Odd, CB is notifying you there's a new content update unless it truly didn't process 100% through Sidekick. Consider going into the File Menu>File Tools>Rebuild Lists (the first 3 options); then try to update afterwards; see if that helps.
  8. The majority of content usually dictates where we would categorize a title.
  9. between 9am-2pm Central Time (M-F) Pete our lead programmer's direct line: 408-266-6883 ext 403
  10. Recommend a restart of your computer as the first thing to try If you have any type of security software (ex: Norton, MacAfee, etc.), it may be blocking out ComicBase from internet access. Setup a program exception for CB with such software then try again with CB. If you have no luck, give Pete our lead programmer a call at 408-266-6883 ext 403
  11. The Yellow cover is the proper cover? If so, is there a high-res version we can use for the master database listing that you can provide?
  12. download the revised CB 2023 program installer (v23.0.0.1980) from your online account; see if it addresses your problem: https://www.comicbase.com/mycb/Registrations.aspx
  13. When our next content update comes out this week (likely Wednesday evening); let us know if the proper date and time is displayed when you update with Sidekick.
  14. You'd typically get that if you were installing the same build version again Verify the CB version you're currently on is in fact the older version (in CB, Help Menu>About ComicBase). If it is the older, delete an older installers you've download then try redownloading the latest CB 2023 program installer.
  15. What Edition and build number of CB2023 are you running? To check in the software for this info, just go to the Help Menu>About ComicBase *A possible cause to the problem could be program blocking. If you have protection software like Norton, AVG, MacAfee, etc. (Or Firewall settings) they maybe blocking out CB from internet access; setup a program exception for CB if you have such a program.
  16. I'll mention to the programming team in our next team conference.
  17. Yes no particular format. Keep the description brief. Please be sure to cite your source - whether its written by yourself or the publisher Our editorial team will review it
  18. Any submission we process for a user will also include a cover if sent by the user. Covers are processed separately and each need to be reviewed. If you notice covers you've sent in aren't showing up; feel free to resend the submission. Title descriptions are not processed as part of your submissions. They need to be emailed and approved by the editorial team. NOTE: We get hundreds (maybe thousands) of submission daily so there can be delay at times processing users submissions.
  19. Apologizes, I was mistaken with what Express users get with content updates. Even though you get the Storyline, artist, & writer fields in the database, they don't get updated when running a content update.
  20. Go to the Help Menu>About ComicBase - please screenshot that window so we can verify the full version number you're running. Also, please screenshot your Update Option screen so we know exactly what you pick when you update. In the meantime, we'll attempt performing a content update with the latest version of CB2023 Express and see if we can replicate the problem.
  21. You're using the latest CB2023 version (v23.0.0.1935)? If you're using an older build, download the latest version of the CB2023 program installer from your online account: https://www.comicbase.com/mycb/Registrations.aspx
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