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  1. I'm not sure if it has anything to do with it, probably not, but is the printer supposed to be selected for "One Note for Windows 10" in top right? I guess you could print with it, but maybe switching to another printer type would help. Probably not though.
  2. Pete just updated to build1964. Much better on my computer. Give it a shot.
  3. I'm having the same issue since updating to build 1935. Slow and stutterring on titles with lots of issues. Robert Wood, what build are you on?
  4. That's it Steve. I didn't have the show Value Graph checked, or I might have noticed that. I'll see if Pete is able to override this in a future update. Thanks!
  5. I use Parallels on my Mac for CB. I'm having an issue and I'm not sure it's a Parallels issue, a Windows issue, or a CB issue. I would like some feedback to see if any of you have this problem. In grid view I drag the dividing line between grid and Title description up, in order to see more issues in the grid window. When I quit CB and reopen it, It dosen't remember and defaults to where the dividing line was previously. Again, not sure if this is a CB bug or something else. I am able to change the "cover grid icon size" in the View menu, and that will stay in place after quiting and reopening CB. If any of you would check it out on your computer, it would be greatly appreciated. I am able to drag the dividing line down, quit and reopen, and it retains grid posostion. Thanks, Robbie
  6. Walt, I do understand where you are coming from being an almost 20 year user of CB. I also have many thousands of comics. If I get what you are saying, since I have several hundred boxes that are labled/printed with the CB titles now, changing them would be a nightmare of work for me. So for me, keeping it the way it is fine, though I wish it could have been addressed much earlier in CB editions. I'm sure you have noticed this, but in case you haven't, if you search a title an then use the arrow keys to move up or down, you can very easily see the years the title was published.
  7. Is there a way to select multiple comics at once from a seller on Atomic Avenue, or do I have to click "buy" for each one?
  8. I'm glad it's working for you now. Steve is really the go to guy and has helped me numerous times.
  9. Are you using Quick Start setting on ComicBase? If you are maybe that's what going on. Everytime you click on that issue it downloads the cover again from the server.
  10. Andrew, I think it possible that larger newer ones were uploaded from users earlier this week. I myself uoloaded a large cover of Dark Knights of Steel #7 Wedneday morning and It accepted it. Therefore those new ones are on the server, but since there was no update this week, the server has them and when you upload larger covers, it ignores yours, since the server has them already. I hope that makes some sense even though I didn't think I explain it well. I had this happen before when Mark was on vacation. He explained it to me when he returned.
  11. This is interesting. It began uploading as normal, but after 20 minutes, Sidekick still says it's uploading. My istat menu shows nothing being uploaded any more. I go to my profile on the website and there is a backupup now that was completed 20 minutes ago. I had to cancel backup to cloud or it would never stop. See screenshot.
  12. I wasn't able to backup to cloud again today. After I backed up, I went to my profile on website and there were no backups. This happens periodically. I know Pete is on vacation, so can anyone else let me know if they are having the same problem? Robbie
  13. Now the backup with Sidekick is working and it's showing on the website. However, it now is not showing current "My Comics" under profile on the website. It was showing older reports. I deleted all the reports and uploaded with Sidekick again. It now has no reports in "My Comics". I tried once more, still no reports on website.
  14. Anyone else having problem with Save To Cloud with Sidekick? I have tried 3 times in 2 days. I can see it uploading, and shows that it finished backing up in Sidekick. When I go to look for my Backups under My Profile on CB website, it's says it has none.
  15. I just checked and everything seems to be working again with Sidekick.
  16. I have the same problem and have mentioned this to Pete. Here is what I sent to him "I think the reason you haven’t seen most folks post about the problem is that no one checks to see the backup. Sidekick looks looks like uploading to cloud was completed". Hopefully it will get resolved soon.
  17. Uploading to cloud with sidekick, whicI have done 5 times. It's not showing up under my profile on CB website backups. It shows I have no backups and should use sidekick. 🤔 It also hasn't updated My Comics on the CB Website. I have the correct total on my mobie app, but if I do a seach, it dosent have the recent books I own (purchased).
  18. I'm having the same issue with ComicBase Mobile. I uploaded to cloud twice with sidekick. It finishes, I check on my Mobile app. But no changes with my new comics. Not showing changes on My Comics on CB website either. Which makes sense since they are connected in some way.
  19. When I click on Report on menu bar and then click on Collection Overview, on the bottom there is a "Save To Web". Is that what you are looking for?
  20. Can you please post how to find preliminary covers by size again? I don't seem to have the advance find for it anymore. Thx
  21. I'm not sure what to do. "Delete or Move 1.jpg - 6.jpg" are in Pictures\S\Supergraphics\Mediascene. However, the grid goes from 7-90. No issues 1-6 in the grid. What am I misssing here?
  22. Ok, keep me posted on what you find. I Slacked Pete on the Crysatl Palace Channel, but he hasn't responded. Take a look there id you get a chance.
  23. The covers did not download with this weeks update for me, or should I say the cover download lasted only about 15 seconds. I manually dobwloaded them and got many more covers. Did you happen to have this issue?
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