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  1. I noticed that in the latest update the second print of Savage Dragon #252 was added as 252/A instead of 252-2. Even if it has a different cover than the first print, shouldn't it be listed as 252-2?
  2. I've been looking for the update log. Where is it stored?
  3. I just went to "Questprobe" and "The Ray" and both don't have an image for the first issue. In the case of "The Ray" issue #0 is the first issue and it doesn't have a cover. And just to be sure I went to a "Silver Sable", which doesn't have any variants for the first issue, and the cover image for the first issue is once again missing. Right clicking on an issue with a missing cover reveals that the "Show Picture Folder" option is greyed out and unavailable so it's pretty clear that the cover image doesn't exist. Just to be sure I double checked the picture folder and it is indeed not there. It should also be noted that I've only been looking at titles for which I actually own issues issues. I'm, not sure if this is true for all titles.
  4. I've been going through my collection over the past few weeks and noticed something odd in ComicBase. For some reason no cover image has been downloaded for the first issue in almost every series I have. All the other covers are there except for the first one. It's not a big deal as I can still download them manually, but I just find it strange that none of the first issue covers are installed. Any idea why this might be? I'm runnin the 2020 Archive Edition, v20.0.3.3829.
  5. Thanks for the reply. The note about the UPC box is definitely misleading. It should probably be removed.
  6. I'm just wondering if there are two versions of the first print of this book. Comicbase says the one with the DC Universe logo in the UPC box is a second print, but it also says that there is a Roman Numeral II beside the issue number. I have a copy of issue #51 which has the DC Universe logo in the UPC box, but no Roman numeral II beside the issue number, and there is nothing in the indicia to indicate that this is a 2nd print.
  7. Thank you both! Just out of curiosity, has any consideration ever been given to allowing users to upload their own covers to AA?
  8. When using the grading wizard, I noticed not all categories (like paper whiteness) are added to the grading notes. Is there a way to include them, or is it only something which lowers the grade that gets included in the notes? Other than having the grading notes field populated with entries from the grading wizard, is there a way to tell which comics have been graded using the wizard? I don't see a way run a report to find out which issues I've graded using the wizard. Even having a visual cue like making the row a different colour would be helpful when browsing my collection. If I scan the cover of an issue I have graded and use that as my cover in ComicBase, does that cover get uploaded to Atomic Avenue if I put it up for sale? One of the reasons I ask is because ComicBase does not have a "Newsstand" variation so the cover that appears on Atomic Avenue will not accurately reflect the actual cover if it's the newsstand edition. AS a buyer I know that I would much rather buy the direct edition of a cover rather than the Newsstand edition. It would also be a good way for customers to see what the actual cover of the comic they are buying looks like. Thanks!
  9. Thanks. I was able able to create a set through the Items menu and add issues to it, but I still can't right click an individual issue and add it to a set. I thought maybe a set needed to exist before I could add anything to it but that doesn't seem to be the issue.
  10. Well, I just updated and I still get the same error message.
  11. I select an issue, right click on it, and then click on "Add to Set..." from the context menu. I've tried at least 5 times and I get the same error message every time. I'm running v20.0.3.3743 so I'll try installing the latest build to see if that resolves the issue.
  12. I'm just starting to grade all my books for sale and want to create a set for some books, but I keep getting the attached error. It's the first time I've tried this so I'm just wondering if I'm doing something wrong.
  13. Really? What’s the threshold? My collection is pushing 25,000 comics and the report still loads on one page.
  14. Would it be at all possible to have reports created in such a way that the whole thing didn't load all on one page when viewing on the mobile app? include cover images when generating a report and it makes it next to impossible to to jump to a different title when you first open the report because the loading of covers keeps causing the page to scroll. I remember at one time each letter would load on a separate page. See the short Youtube video below to show you what I mean.
  15. Is there a way to export your search results? I ask because I'm trying to get a list of comics that I own two or more copies of and the only way I have been able to get this information is by running a search. There doesn't seem to be a way of generating a report based on conditions. Thanks! Edited to add: Never mind! I just answered my own question! I see that right clicking brings up the quick report option which I was not familiar with.
  16. I kind of miss it too. It would be nice if you could you could choose whether you want it on or off.
  17. I see the changes got applied in the last update. Thanks!
  18. I finally got a new batch of comics to enter last night, with North Bend #2 being one of them. There are two series named North Bend, one from Scout and one from what looks like a Kickstarter campaign by Ryan Ellsworth that ran a few years back. Scanning North Bend #2 from Scout puts it into the self-published series instead of the one from Scout. I submitted the correction but I don't know if that will clear up the issue so I thought I would give you a heads-up. Thanks!
  19. Now that I've gotten my barcode scanner to work with the ID labels ComicBase produces, I can't help but think that it would be nice to have a few more options available when printing them. A few fields I'd like to see: The year - This would be my top pick to add. It would be really helpful when there are multiple series of the same name published close together. Original Barcode - The barcode generated by ComicBase is particularly good for titles that don't have their own, but it would be nice to have the option of printing the original Creator information - Writer, artists, colorist, letterer I realize it would be difficult to fit all that information into a standard address label, but if you used a larger one I think it would be doable. Even just having the option of which of these fields to include without selecting all of them would be nice. Thanks!
  20. Success! I reset my scanner and programed it as I had before but also added "CODABAR SEND START/STOP CHARS-ENABLE" and now it works! Thanks so much for the tip! Incidentally, I finally found that old thread where this barcode scanner was recommended.
  21. Thanks. I haven't tried the codabar settings so I'll give that a try!
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