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  1. This week's update added the book title Adventurous Decade: Comic Strips In The Thirties, The. The actual title for this book is Adventurous Decade, The: Comic Strips In The Thirties which, as it turns out, is already in the database. The new title (the one with the "The" at the very end) should be deleted. New book titles that were added include Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Darkover (DAW) and Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Darkover (Marion Zimmer Bradley Literary Works Trust). Should those have been indexed as Darkover (Marion Zimmer Bradley's…) (DAW) and Darkover (Marion Zimmer Bradley's…) (Marion Zimmer Bradley Literary Works Trust) ? The new comic title Kernel' Corn Trains a Champ looks like it has a stray punctuation mark in it. Also, the title appears on Atomic Avenue search results (the dropdown list of suggestions when you type Kernel into the search box) but brings up an error if you try to click through to the title page. Time 2: The Satisfaction of Black Mariah was added back into the database. As described over in this thread last spring, this is an incorrect duplication of a long-existing entry.
  2. This title was added back into the database this week. 😡 A reminder that it is a duplicate of First Graphic Novel Book #12 which has been listed in the database for a very long time (since the Earth was cooling). I suggest a friendly note to the submittor so that they know what's up with this.
  3. Bleeding Cool reports that the deal between Heavy Metal and WhatNot/Massive has collapsed. Consequently, the relaunch of Heavy Metal [listed in the database as Heavy Metal (3rd series) ] won't be happening and orders for the solicited issues will be cancelled. That means Heavy Metal (3rd series) should be removed from the database. Note also that the Bleeding Cool article contains a link to two additional variants for what is listed in ComicBase as Heavy Metal (2nd series) #320. So those variants should be added to the database.
  4. Word on the street is that Marvel has canceled orders for Spider-Man Brand New Day Omnibus. Don't know anything about plans to resolicit in the future. For now, at any rate, the existing title should be deleted from the database.
  5. This week's update added the comic book title Opps! All Babes. Based on the cover scans, it looks like that should really be Oops! All Babes.
  6. This week's content update added the book title 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. I suggest changing this title to 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (Bantam) because the book has been in the public domain for some time. There are likely to be numerous publishers who have printed editions of this book over the years, and because of that context it isn't clear to me why this particular version shouldn't have publisher identifier in the title. The book title Superman: Last Son of Krypton was also added. There is a comic book title in the database with the same title (presumably a holdover from before the creation of the different media types in the database). The comic book title should be deleted. The book title Scorpion was added. There is a pre-existing comic book title in the database with the same name. Is this a problem? (These items appear to be entirely different items, so this isn't the same problem as the Superman: Last Son of Krypton title that I describe above.) (The same kind of problem came up with the 06/28 content update, too.)
  7. My database is showing the publication frequency for the Bleeding Cool magazine as "Daily". While the website publishes on a daily basis, it looks like the magazine was published somewhat irregularly but on a roughly bimonthly basis.
  8. If you mean "no" to Patrick's minimum print run question, I'd say that you are probably right as long as the item has multiple copies. I suspect that the single copy comics that I wrote and drew as a pre-teenager that exist only as single, original copies wouldn't qualify... but something that was actually produced as multiple copies is probably fair game, even if the "print run" was low. So I would say "yes" to Patrick's question about sending them in from his database.
  9. @Mark J. Castaneda Thoughts on what I proposed in the OP for this thread?
  10. This week's content update added the following Book title: NIght Broken (Orbit). That should corrected to Night Broken (Oribit) [note change in capitalization] Also added was the Book title Invisible Man, The. There is also a comic title with the same name. Is this a problem? The Comic title Jack Kirby’s Starr Warriors: The Adventures of Adam Starr and the Solar Legion was added. Should this really be Starr Warriors: The Adventures of Adam Starr and the Solar Legion (Jack Kirby's...) or Starr Warriors (Jack Kirby's...): The Adventures of Adam Starr and the Solar Legion ? New titles Strange Places Presents No Man’s Land and Strange Places Presents: Resident Alien were added to the Comic category. One of these has a colon in the title, the other does not. Are both of these titles correctly punctuated?
  11. Keep an eye on Infinite Crisis #3 as well. That is apparently the very first appearance of Jaime Reyes (Infinite Crisis #5 is his first appearance in costume).
  12. There is a long-running (if sporadically active) thread on this very topic over at the Collectededitions.com/Marvel Masterworks fansite message boards.
  13. That link is for the first issue of the 1986 series starring Ted Kord. I thought Jaime Reyes first appeared in issues of Infinite Crisis (cover dated 2006).
  14. This was covered in a Livestream a few weeks back. It only affects new DC floppies IRC. No plans to go back and renumber older DC issues.
  15. If you want go by indicia, then the answer is pretty clear: the new edition should go under the title Marvel Masterworks: The Amazing Spider-Man (as I proposed in my OP).
  16. To answer your question in a super-picky way: no it isn’t a true reprint. It is a new edition: further restoration of the artwork, colors restored to the color guides of the original comics, and new set of bonus features in the back.
  17. Ordinarily that would be correct, but a number of later printings/versions of that volume have been placed under the Marvel Masterworks: The Amazing Spider-Man title that I linked to in my OP. We can’t move those books now, they have been there for years (and they should be listed someplace as they technically are not duplicates, they are new editions of the original book and reprinting a thereof). And I don’t think it makes sense to jump back to the old title at this point, especially since it is possible that this wave of MMW reissues could go beyond what the original books covered (I.e. go past what is listed in the original Marvel Masterworks title in the database). I may be wrong, but I suspect that the original title really is just for the original run of the MMW books which only had the trade dress (hardcover “marble” dust jackets). Anything after that (I.e. starting with the Comicraft covers) goes into the separate MMW titles bc for a time the numbering of the original MMW series was abandoned. It wasn’t until after the Comicraft trade dress was dropped that the sequential MMW volume numbering was resumed, but when that happened it was confined to just the marble dj variant trade dress (the s&b dj trade dress kept to the title-specific volume numbering).
  18. Marvel has begun publishing new editions of old volumes of their Marvel Masterworks books. The first of these to come out is Amazing Spider-Man vol. 1 (and I have to say that it looks beautiful, especially compared to the original 1980's release of this book). All of these reissues will have silver & black dustjacket and DM-only "marble" dustjacket versions. The indicia states that this book is "4th edition, 1st printing." The back of the dustjacket has "MMXXIII" so that this edition can be distinguished from other versions even if it is still in shrinkwrap. How should this book be handled in the database? I am suggesting that it be listed under the Marvel Masterworks: The Amazing Spider-Man title as #1/HC-3 (for the s&b dj version) and #1/B (for the marble dj version). Normally the marble dj versions get the "A variant" designation, but for this particular book there are already A variants (the Comicraft cover dress editions) with multiple printings. I would suggest that in the Notes for each of these would contain "4th edition, 1st printing." I would further suggest that the Item Description field indicate type of dustjacket and the MMXXIII notation. Reactions to all of this?
  19. I didn't submit the original listing. Looks to me like the Simpsons Comics: Unchained book should become Simpsons Comics Book #16.
  20. This week's update added the Book title Silver Age of DC, The. This is a duplicate of the correctly indexed Silver Age of DC Comics, The. The new title should be deleted. Also added were the new Book titles Twilight Zone Companion and Twilight Zone Companion, The. These look like the same thing. There is a similar problem for the two new Book titles Worst TV Shows Ever and Worst TV Shows Ever, The.
  21. @Don Veach If you are using any kind of antivirus or security software other than what is native to your operating system, you might need to go into that software's settings to specifically whitelist your torrent client. (I had to do this with Norton after I installed that on my Mac, for instance) I am also assuming that you are trying this on your home network. Something to be aware of is that workplace networks can be different from home networks. If you are trying this at your workplace, it is possible that their IT has decided to block all torrenting traffic.
  22. Note that some torrent clients don't allow a firewalled seeder to pass data to a firewalled downloader. I just tried to download using BiglyBT and I am seeing two seeds (it took a couple of minutes for them to pop up) and eleven peers. My download is working as I type this. @Don Veach Any luck downloading since your last post in this thread?
  23. A little late (I was delayed by my latest "super-secret mission", as Pete would call it), but here are my corrections for last week's content update: The book title conan the Swordsman was added. Note the lack of capital letter at the start of the title. Also added was the comic title Simpsons Comics: Unchained. Is there a particular reason that this book isn't included under the Simpsons Comics title with other collections of issues from that series?
  24. The database includes the titles Escape from Alcatraz and Escape from Alcatraz Comic Series. These series are duplicates of each other. Based on the indicia, the correct title is Escape from Alcatraz Comic Series. In the database, EfACS contains only issue #2, but EfA contains issues #1 through 9. Issues #1 and #3-#9 of EfA should be transferred to EfACS and then the EfA title should be deleted. BTW there is an issue #10 of EfACS that isn't in the database, at some point I will get that submitted (won't be for a while, I'm backlogged with more urgent tasks for the next couple of weeks).
  25. This week's update added a new magazine title Best of the Mighty Marvel Backlist. There is a comic book title with that same name (slightly different capitalization), and I suspect the comic title should be deleted as it is almost certainly duplicative. Also, under the list of New Magazines that were added, an item called best of the mighty marvel backlist #1 was added. Note the complete lack of capital letters. I'm not sure what is going on under the hood there, but thought I would point it out.
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