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  1. The main problem is if they have the same Title AND the same Publisher. Then they would share the same Picture folder. The ensure this doesn't happen, I have been adding the publisher to the Title for Book Types. (i.e 'Eye of the World (Tor)'.
  2. I was able to successfully install the latest update. Thanks.
  3. I am not sure of the exact mechanics but I think a step was missed. My guess is there was a change made but this didn't make it to the download file. The Build number probably got updated (making CB think there is a new update) but the new program didn't make it to the spot where it is downloaded from. So, CB thinks there is a new Update but when it tries to install it, it is the same as what you currently have. This will probably be fixed (eventually) but until then, can't get to the Content update until you get past this mixed up program update.
  4. When you get that message (about wanting to Modify, Repair, Remove), that means the update it is trying to download and install is the same as the one you already have. PS it is possible the change made just hasn't propagated everywhere and trying again later may work.
  5. As a work-around until this is fixed, you can try using menu item Setup->Preferences, and near, the top, Unchecking 'Check for interim updates'. This should stop it from looking for a program update and go to the content update.
  6. Since it is reprinting Avengers (8th Series) #31-38, it would go in that series as Bk 7.
  7. Delete or Move HC-A.jpg From: Pictures\G\Guild America\Wings of Pegasus, The (GuildAmerica) To: Pictures\G\Guild America\Wings of Pegasus, The (Guild America) Delete or Move 1.jpg and 2.jpg From: Pictures\R\Rebellion\Dragon Whisperer- The Search for Obsidian To: Pictures\R\Red 5\Dragon Whisperer- The Search for Obsidian Delete 3-D.jpg From: Pictures\H\Human Computing\ComicBase Delete or Rename 2-B.jpg to 2-C.jpg Then Rename 2-A.jpg to 2-B.jpg and 2.jpg to 2-A.jpg From: Pictures\I\Image\J\Junkyard Joe (use Atomic Avenue to verify what each cover is) Rename Bk 36.jpg to Bk 3.jpg From: Pictures\I\Idea + Design Works\Usagi Yojimbo (IDW) Delete or Rename MMPB 1 to MMPB From: Pictures\B\Berkley\Colossus (Berkley) Delete or Rename MMPB 2 to MMPB the Move From: Pictures\B\Berkley\Colossus (Berkley) To: Pictures\B\Berkley\Fall of Colossus, The (Berkley) Delete or Rename MMPB 3 to MMPB-3 then Move From: Pictures\B\Berkley\Colossus (Berkley) To: Pictures\B\Berkley\Colossus and the Crab (Berkley)
  8. Flash, The: The Fastest Man Alive (2nd Series) is the correct title (only one on Atomic Avenue). If you move you inventory (Qty) over to that series, the incorrect Flash: The Fastest Man Alive (2nd Series) should be deleted with the Update. PS The same thing for the Bone Orchard title. Move inventory to the correct one and the incorrect one should be deleted.
  9. Bone Orchard: Ten Thousand Black Feathers is the correct title (per indicia). I can only find this one Title in my database and on Atomic Avenue. If you do not have any Quantity in Stock for the incorrect title (Bone Orchard Mythos...), I am not sure why both are in your database.
  10. What do you have the Cover Size set to? It is possible a large size is causing 1 issue per page. When the report is displayed, what do you have in the top left corner? 1 of 1 or 1 of some-larger-number?
  11. An email to support will probably get faster response. This forum is monitored but not constantly.
  12. Uninstalling any version of CB will not affect your database, Pictures, or media. What I would try is: Uninstall CB and CB Resources. Uninstall any SAP Crystal Reports. Install CB 2023. If this does not work, I would contact support.
  13. Here are the UPC numbers for two of the ones you listed. 75960620200301422 Kyle Hotz (Red-head female behind dark web spider-man(?))? 75960620200301423 Ed McGuinness Hallows's Eve Design Cover If the standard UPC format is observed, they would be 2nd and 3rd printing of the 2nd variation.
  14. A little more information... Is you switch to Album View, when you click on an Overall Title Name, it will display the cover (assuming what is normally displayed at the top left corner of the display). In Grid View, while you won't get a Cover in the Grid, as you scroll down the list, the cover will display in the top of the display.
  15. When you do a search for any Title filed field (which includes Overall Title Name, you get a Title Result Grid. This is not tied to any particular issue so there is no cover to be displayed.
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