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  1. Delete or Rename MMPB 1.jpg to MMPB then Move From: Pictures\B\Berkley\Conan (Berkley) To: Pictures\B\Berkley\Hour of the Dragon, The (Berkley) Delete or Rename MMPB 2.jpg to MMPB then Move From: Pictures\B\Berkley\Conan (Berkley) To: Pictures\B\Berkley\People of the Black Circle, The (Berkley) Delete or Rename MMPB 3.jpg to MMPB then Move From: Pictures\B\Berkley\Conan (Berkley) To: Pictures\B\Berkley\Red Nails (Berkley) Delete or Move HC.jpg From: Pictures\H\Harper Voyager\Wrath of a Mad God To: Pictures\H\Harper Voyager UK\Wrath of a Mad God (Harper Voyager UK) Delete or Move 1.jpg From: Pictures\C\Conundrum\Grey Museum To: Pictures\C\Conundrum\Grey Museum, The Delete or Move Bk 1-HC.jpg From: Pictures\D\Dark Horse\B\Beasts of Burden- The Gathering Storm To: Pictures\D\Dark Horse\B\Beasts of Burden- Animal Rites Delete 2.jpg and 3.jpg From: Pictures\I\Image\G\Giant Kokju (Duplicates of 2-A.jpg and 3-A.jpg, respectively)
  2. First, you need to save a backup to the web. This is done through Sidekick (with the CB closed). Once it is there, you should be able to see it in the phone app (it may take a bit of time to get everything in place).
  3. Missed one... Delete or Rename 2.jpg to 1.jpg then Move From: Pictures\M\Marvel\U\Ultimate X-Men-Fantastic Four To: Pictures\M\Marvel\U\Ultimate Fantastic Four-X-Men
  4. Delete or Rename HC.jpg to HC 2.jpg then Move From: Pictures\T\TwoMorrows\American Comic Book Chronicles- The 1965-69 To: Pictures\T\TwoMorrows\American Comic Book Chronicles- The 1960's Delete HC.jpg From: Pictures\D\Dark Horse\D\Drawing Lines- An Anthology of Women Cartoonists (duplicate of 1-HC.jpg) Delete TPB.jpg From: Pictures\D\Dark Horse\S\Sexy Chix (duplicate of 1.jpg) Delete 1.jpg From: Pictures\F\Fantagraphics\Book on the Edge of Forever, The (duplicate of TPB.jpg) Delete or Rename 1.jpg to 2020.jpg the Move From: Pictures\A\Archie\Archie's Halloween Spectacular To: Pictures\A\Archie\Archie Halloween Spectacular
  5. Delete or Rename FCBD 2023.jpg to SE 2023.jpg FCBD 2023-A.jpg to SE 2023-A.jpg Then Move From: Pictures\D\DC\D\Dawn of DC Knight Terrors FCBD Special Edition To: Pictures\D\DC\D\Dawn of DC Knight Terrors Delete or Rename 2003-A.jpg to SE 2023-A.jpg 2003-B.jpg to SE 2023-B.jpg 2003-C.jpg to SE 2023-C.jpg Then Move From: Pictures\D\DC\D\Dawn of DC Primer Special Edition To: Pictures\D\DC\D\Dawn of DC Primer Delete or Move 1.jpg and 4.jpg From: Pictures\T\Thorpe & Porter\Flash, The (Thorpe & Porter) To: Pictures\T\Thorpe & Porter\Flash, The (Thorpe & Porter, 1st Series) AND Delete or Move 2.jpg and 3.jpg From: Pictures\T\Thorpe & Porter\Flash, The (Thorpe & Porter) To: Pictures\T\Thorpe & Porter\Flash, The (Thorpe & Porter, 2nd Series) Delete or Move ALL (1.jpg - 1-C.jpg) From: Pictures\V\Vault\Money Shot- Comes Again To: Pictures\V\Vault\Money Shot- Comes Again! Delete MMPB 11.jpg From: Pictures\L\Lancer\Conan (Lancer) (This is not a Lancer published book. It is an Ace published cover).
  6. The Professional Edition comes with the initial number of covers (around 70,000). It does not include cover downloads, The Archive Edition comes with the initial number of covers (over 950,000) and includes cover downloads.,
  7. The maximum number of results returned depends on the amount of memory you have. The more memory, they more that can be returned. For example, I have 32GB of memory and the Max allowed in 2,000,000. PS there is also a Max Results box you can set the limit to which could be smaller that the Max allowed.
  8. I am not asking you to install them. Just whether you did or not. I don't know if the install of these populate the Picture fields correctly or not. May affect the query I supplied. Hopefully the Rebuild will fix the problem.
  9. Go to the ComicBase website. Under My Accounts, select Registrations. Click the green arrow under download next to you active subscription. Here you can download the CB program, the Quick Start version of pictures and CB Media. If you click the Other radio button, you get to where you can download all the full size covers.
  10. What Edition of CB do you have? Pro or Archive? If it is Archive, you have an option to download / install the pictures with a Quick Start or downloading the entire full-size covers. The Quick Start installs smaller 'thumbnail' size covers. With Preferences setting 'Automatically download larger pictures...' checked, whenever you access a cover it will automatically download the full-size cover.
  11. Did you use the Quick Start install for the covers? Have you run the Rebuild Lists for Pictures?
  12. This should work. ComicTitles.Publisher = 'Marvel' AND (I.PictureHeight IS NULL OR I.PictureHeight < 200) I used Picture Height (but you could use Picture Width) with an arbitrary value of 200 pixels. However, a few bits of information. Sometimes the Picture fields (Height, Width, File Size, Modified) information isn't correct or starnge. For example, they may have contain 0 instead of being NULL. Because of that, you might need to run File Tools->Rebuild Lists using the long running 'Picture files lists'. I have run this successfully on my database but I have all the full-sized covers. I am not sure if the 'quick-start' version populates the Picture fields the same way. I would hope it does but I haven't tested it. PS You need to check for both Less than a value and NULL since NULL is not a value.
  13. Delete or Move ALL (1.jpg - 9.jpg) From: Pictures\G\Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy\Escape From Alcatraz To: Pictures\G\Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy\Escape From Alcatraz Comic Series
  14. Not sure if this has been suggested before or not. When using the barcode scan to add items, the ability to display a list of all the items that have been added.
  15. I am not trying to 'sell' an item but CB does sell an actual barcode scanner (you can buy other brands of scanners but they are not supported with help from CB). These allow you to use the desktop program with the Add By Barcode option to add comics by barcode very quickly (and much easier than the Mobil App). And the number of covers that come with CB depends on the Edition. Archive has all that are available (either submitted to or scanned by Human Computing). Professional only has enough covers for one issues per title (but even then, not all titles). As for whether or not you need the Collection (or other) Reports, that is what I was going to test (I don't really use the Mobile App so I am not as sure of it works as the desktop program). Now that the process is fixed and I have the reports displayed, it appears there is no correlation/interaction between them and the actual database. They are just a method for you to review what you own without looking through all the other titles/issues you don't own. The Find Item only seems to look a Comic Book Types. However, when using Scan Item then Check For Sales and Purchases, it does correctly added the issues to the correct Types (I tested Comic Books and Books). In my case, increasing Qty to 2 since I already had them entered with Qty 1. I think the Mobile App barcode scan was envisioned for use when you are out of town and can't get to the Desktop program (i.e. convention). If you could get back to the Desktop App (and have a hand held scanner), it is MUCH faster to add you issues. In the time it takes the Mobile App to scan 1 issue, you can add a dozen (or more) issues with the Desktop program and a hand-held scanner. Pete has mentioned that he is working on an updated Mobile App. Hopefully, some of the features currently lacking will be addressed.
  16. Yeah, that is what I was going to do some testing on (Types other than Comics). Still having problems getting Reports to the web. I think you save a copy of your database to the Web (Sidekick can do this) and it uses that to get Qty. The last thing I will add is Peter knows the App has some 'issues' and is working on an upgrade. PS While you can scan bar codes to add items to the database, it wasn't really designed to be the main/only way to enter issues.
  17. I have been trying to get reports to show up on CB's website since late yesterday without any luck.
  18. You can delete them. The pictures are installed to folder Pictures at the default location of C : \Users\Public\Documents\Human Computing (you can change that location using File->File Tools Manage Pictures and Movies).
  19. 1) If you use the Collection Reports to determine what you own, then Yes you will need one for eachType. 2) If you have issues in the various Types, then Yes, you will need to keep all the Types. If you do NOT have any issues in a Type (i.e. Newspapers), on the Update Option window, you can select only the Types you want to Update. For example, if you don't want Newspapers, click on Selected Types Only and Check all the ones you want and do not check Newspapers. This will delete all Newspaper Titles from you database and won't try to Update them. After the Update removes all of the particular Type titles, run Optimize Database to actually reclaim the space. NOTE: If you ever change your mind, just go back to the Update Option window and change the selection. PS Getting rid of Newspapers will free up a lot of space... 3) I really don't use the Mobile app much. I am trying to save some reports to see how it handles different Type Collection Reports but it is taking a long time. Will get back to this later. 4) Yes, every issue has a unique identifier. The main reason for this is to allow you to have 2 or more issues with different conditions, to list them separately. Unfortunately, this means CB always Add the issues to an existing title instead of merging with existing issues. When Transferring to a different Title, I would only transfer issues you own (all the others should already be there). After Transferring, delete the ones you don't own. Alternately, you can delete all but one of the issues from the new title, then transfer from the old title. THis way, you would have at most only 1 issue to delete (NOTE: Is you deleted ALL the issues, it would also delete the Title. Don't worry too much about the standard information (any information you don't supply) as the next update will populate this information. As for future updates, they are processed by Publisher/Title/Issue number. Even if you have 2 or more issues with the same number, both would be updated. 5) Sorry, it has been awhile since I changed Media Type. I didn't remember that it didn't ask for another Title name. It would be a 2-step process. A) Change Media Type then B) Move to another Title. Or manually change the data in the new/correct title then delete the old issue. And, as long as the Qty is 0, the next update will delete any issue (and title if all issues are deleted) when processed. PS If you have Covers, you may have to manually move them (or down load them from the new location (if you have the Archive Edition)) if the name change causes a different folder to be created (i.e. Publisher or Title name change). And for Books you will need to rename the cover. As for the other titles: Doctor Who: Free Comic Book Day Doctor Who (Titan) #FCBD 2016 (This is a little bit of a guess as the Dynamite James Bonds are a little confusing. But this one is for 2018) James Bond (3rd Series) James Bond 007 (Dynamite) Project Superpowers (2nd Series) Project Superpowers: Chapter Three (I believe you are correct about this one) Vision: Director’s Cut Vision (2nd Series) #CS 1/A For this, the difference is hard to see in the forum. If you post it to Notepad, it is more obvious. That Darn Cat (Walt Disney’s...) That Darn Cat (Walt Disney’s…) The incorrect one has 3 periods (3 characters). The correct one has an ellipses which is 1 character (although is sort of looks like 3 periods). You may be right about this one. Zane Grey’s Stories of the West Stories of the West (Zane Grey’s…) You would need to check the cover and or cover date to be sure.
  20. It can't hurt to try File->File Tools and Rebuild Lists. You probably just need Series Information, but it wouldn't hurt to run all except for the Picture Files list. Afterwards run the Optimize Database.
  21. The Unrecognized Items list are Issues/Titles that do not appear in the Master Database. This can happen if/when the Publisher, Title or Type (Comic Book, Book, Magazine, Newspaper) gets changed (corrected). Same for Issues. The first thing I would check is your Update Options. This is accessed with Internet->Check for Updates. If you have already processed a week's update, you can get to the window by pressing and holding the SHIFT key while selecting Check for Updates. Unless you have a good reason not to, make sure the 'Remove Obsolete' Series and Items are checked (near the bottom). This will allow CB to automatically delete any Title or Issue that does not appear in the Master Database. NOTE: CB will NOT delete any Issue if you own it (Qty >= 1) and will not delete any Title is there is at least 1 issue you own in it. If you DO own issues in the list of Titles you supplied, you will need to manually correct them. There are two options you can use. If the Type did NOT change, select the issues and use Edit->Transfer Items to a Different Series. You will need to supply tghe new Series name. NOTE: This might duplicate the issue in the new series. If it does you can delete the one you don't own. If the Type DID change, go to the Series to change and use Edit-> Change Series Media Type. You will need to supply the new Type (Book, Magazine, Comic Book, Newspaper). NOTE: Again this might dupilcate the issues. Alternately, if you don't have a lot, you can just manually change the issue in the new correct location with the information from the old (Qty, Cost, any other info you may have added) then just delete the old, incorrect issue. I will deal with the Issues after you get the Titles cleaned up (as many will be associated with the Titles being fixed). For the others, if you supply a new list I will see what I can do. For the Titles you supplied here are the newer/correct names (Old name first followed by new name): Arcade: The Comics Revue Arcade The Comics Revue Batman ‘66 Batman ’66 Fury of the Firestorm: The Nuclear Men Fury of Firestorm, The: The Nuclear Men Image+ Image+ (Vol. 1) or Image+ (Vol. 2) Justice League of America: The Atom Rebirth Justice League of America: The Atom—Rebirth Madballs Vs. Garbage Pail Kids Madballs vs Garbage Pail Kids Multiversity, The: Pax America Multiversity, The: Pax Americana (This is a little bit of a guess) Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man (This is a little bit of a guess) Roy Rogers’ Trigger Roy Rogers’ Trigger (Dell) Saga of Crystar, the Crystal Warrior Saga of Crystar, Crystal Warrior, The Spider-Man: Parallel Lives Amazing Spider-Man: Parallel Lives (This is a little bit of a guess)SupeRichie Super Richie That Darn Cat (Walt Disney’s...) That Darn Cat (Walt Disney’s…) Unexpected (2nd Series), The Unexpected, The (2nd Series) Wheel of Time (Robert Jordan’…), The Wheel of Time, The (Robert Jordan’s…) X-Men Movie Premiere Prequel Edition X-Men Movie Special Premiere Prequel Edition Yuggoth Cultures and Other Growths (Alan Moore’s… ) Yuggoth Cultures and Other Growths (Alan Moore’s…) Zane Grey’s Stories of the West Four Color Comics (2nd Series) #996 These changed Type to Magazines: Bleeding Cool Comic Reader, The Doctor Who Magazine Fifty Who Made DC Great Fun and Games Magazine Image+ name also changed to: Image+ (Vol. 1) or Image+ (Vol. 2) Iron Manual Marvel Vision Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe (Vol. 1) Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe (Vol. 2) Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe (Vol. 3) Official Marvel Index to the Avengers Official Teen Titans Index, The Wizard JLA Special Wizard Presents The Legacy of Spider-Man Special Edition Wizard’s Avengers Special Wizard’s JLA Special Wizard: The Superman Tribute Edition This changed Type to Books: Kingdom of the Dwarfs Need more information for (years published for example): James Bond (3rd Series) Project Superpowers (2nd Series) Vision: Director’s Cut This one was probably entered as just a FCBD in one of the Doctor Who titles. Need more information to find (FBCD Year for example): Doctor Who: Free Comic Book Day
  22. Delete or Move 1.jpg From: Pictures\A\Aardvark Vanaheim\Cancel America Comics To: Pictures\A\Aardvark-Vanaheim\Cancel America Comics Delete or Move 1.jpg From: Pictures\A\Aardvark Vanaheim\Cerebus in Hell- Presents #72- A-V Team-Up To: Pictures\A\Aardvark-Vanaheim\Cerebus in Hell- Presents #72- A-V Team-Up Delete or Move 1.jpg From: Pictures\S\Scout\Impossible Jones and Captain Lightning To: Pictures\P\Panic Button\Impossible Team-Up- Impossible Jones & Captain Lightning Delete or Move 1-A.jpg From: Pictures\D\Dead Good\Octobriana & Underground Full Tilt Boogie To: Pictures\D\Dead Good\Octobriana And The Underground- Full Tilt Boogie Delete 17-C.jpg From: Pictures\D\Dynamite\Lone Ranger (Dynamite) (Duplicate of 17-B) Delete 2.jpg, 3-A.jpg and 4-A.jpg From: Pictures\B\Boom!\Robocop (Boom!) (Duplicates of 2-A.jpg, 3.jpg, and 4.jpg, respectively) Delete ALL (1-5.jpg - 1-W.jpg) From: Pictures\D\Dynamite\Vampirella Vs. The Superpowers (The Title was deleted. The only similar title 'Vampirella Versus The Superpowers' either doesn't have the issues or have different covers. They are all virgin covers with no hint of a possible title. It is Vampirella with 50+ titles from Dynamite. They are probably duplicates of whatever title they are in (In other words, WAY too much to try to find them with so little to go on...) )
  23. Issues submitted. You will need to delete any cover B through H that look like covers I through J (the 616 Comics variants). I renamed them correctly and submitted them with the data.
  24. Looks like 1/B, 1/C, 1/D and 1/E are duplicates of 1/I, 1/J, 1/K and 1/L, respectively, per UPC and Item Description. I can find the following issues that are NOT 616 Comic variants 76194138022300111 Nicola Scott (1/A in CB) 76194138022300121 Jim Lee 76194138022300131 Jen Bartel 76194138022300141 (Blank Cover) 76194138022300151 Dan Mora (1:25) 76194138022300161 Simone Di Meo (1:50) 76194138022300171 Nicola Scott (Virgin) 76194138022300181 (Trading Cards) I would suggest these be entered as 1/A through 1/H and leave 1/I through 1/L (616 Comics variants) as they are. NOTE: The 1/B through 1/E covers are the 616 Comics covers.
  25. 'The Flash (1st Series)' has issue 798 (and 799 and 800) in my database and on Atomic Avenue. 'Batman (3rd Series)' has issue 135 in my database and on Atomic Avenue. Are these the two series you mentioned?
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