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  1. There may be a problem with it. If you click on the link (on the CB website) of the Last Content Update, all that shows up are one Changed Book Title and a bunch of Changed Comic Book Titles. There should be more information than that in it.
  2. Gregory, Photoshop may be involved but there is a difference between the cover scans of 1/B and 1/C. Looking at the box to the left of the logo, (where the prince is located), 1/B has the word REPRINT down the left side next to Luke. 1/C does NOT have the word REPRINT. If it is not altered, maybe the should be 1/B (but the one without the REPRINT) and 1/B-2 (the one with REPRINT).
  3. Joel, it can make some sense. The way the logic goes is a 2nd or 3rd print run is much lower print run (fewer issues printed) than a 1st printing. Therefore, it can be a rarer, hard to find version. That scarcity could cause a higher price. I am not saying I agree with this logic, but there is enough validity to it that it can cause later printings to be priced higher than 1st printings.
  4. Not sure if this will fix any thing, but you can try File->File Tools and Optimize Database. Also Rebuild Lists, Series Information may help.
  5. There is no real limit. The only requirements are they be .JPG and named correctly. What error are you getting?
  6. What Edition of CB do you have? If you can Export / Import your data (I think you need Archive or maybe Pro to do this), that may be a way to get your data into a new database. If you have a current subscription for CB 17, I would run download the last Weekly update, Create a new 2021 database and run the download on that database to get them in sync (new / delete Titles and Issue). If you do import data, do a search for 'Unknown Publisher' to find any Items that couldn't be matched. Finally, you will come across issues relating to Books and Magazines being split out into their own view. After you do the Import, I would force another Weekly Update (do this by pressing and holding the SHIFT key while selecting Check for Updates). This will generate a list of unmatched Titles/Issues (most like Books and Magazines) that you can use Edit->Change Media Types to place in the proper locations. Or, contact support@comicbase.com and see if they can help you convert your old database.
  7. Delete or Move ALL (1-A.jpg - 5.jpg) From: Pictures\D\Diamond Comics\Ascencia To: Pictures\W\Wake\Ascencia Delete or Move 1.jpg From: Pictures\E\E.C\Mad About the Fifties To: Pictures\L\Little Brown\Mad About the Fifties Delete or Rename 1.jpg to 4.jpg then Move From: Pictures\R\Renegade Arts\Hope (Renegade) To: Pictures\R\Renegade Arts\Shame Delete or Move 1.jpg & 2.jpg From: Pictures\F\Funny Paper Book Store\Spirit, The (Funny Paper Book Store) To: Pictures\K\Ken Pierce\Spirit, The (7th Series) (This may replace the covers for 1 and/or 2 but they are really from The Spirit (6th Series)) Rename Anl 2020.jpg to Anl 2021.jpg From: Pictures\M\Marvel\C\Captain America (9th Series) Rename 3-A.jpg to 3-2.jpg From: Pictures\D\Dell\Large Feature Comics (2nd Series) Rename 1-HC.jpg to HC.jpg From: Pictures\B\Bantam\Death And Life Of Superman, The
  8. Mark, I just tested this out (using v1851) In my case it DID add all the scanned in items, but... the Display Items After Saving check box, doesn't work as expected. Since Books, Comic Books, and/or Magazines can't be displayed on the same screen, not all the items will be displayed. It will end up displaying the last item scanned in. And it will ONLY display that one item (actually the Title the Item is in). Example: Scan in Book 1, Comic 1 and the display after save will only show Comic Title 1. Scan in Comic 1, Book 1 and the display after save will only show Book Title 1. Scan Comic 1, Book 1, Comic 2 and the display after save will only show Comic Title 2 (Comic 1 is not displayed).
  9. Keep in mind for the Pro Edition there are only ~50,000 covers. With 62.000+ Titles in CB, that is less than 1 cover per title. As for a manual, that would be a no. Pete address this in his last Livestream (#52). CB was set up to record whenever the User Guide was opened and it turned out the manual was only opened a very small amount of times. It was decided for the amount of work to manage/maintain a manual that was hardly ever used was hard to justify.
  10. You should be able to use menu item Edit->Change Title Media Type.
  11. A couple of questions. What Edition of CB do you have (Express, Pro, Archive)? How you downloaded and installed the Pictures? You can download the picture install files from the same location as the program (under My Account->Registrations, then click the green download arrow). Once downloaded, you can use CB menu item File->Install Pictures and Movies. The reason I asked what Edition you have is because each edition has a different number of covers: Express has ~5,000 covers Pro has ~50,000 covers Archive has All the available covers (~700,000).
  12. I can't answer either of those questions... But, if your purchase has completed successfully, go to the ComicBase Website and select My Account (you will need to create a Userid/Password if you haven't already (and since you are on this forum, you probably already have that completed)). Under Registrations you should see the product you purchased. Click the green download arrow next to it.
  13. The Complete Steve Canyon #11 has a Note of "Outside on Dust Jacket and Cover identifies as Volume Nineteen". This is incorrect information and should be removed. The 'Nineteen' isn't a volume number. it is the Century part of the year being reprinted in the books (i.e. Nineteen 67-68). If you look, all the covers have Nineteen on them. I have submitted a correct with it removed, but Notes is a 'stubborn' field and this type of information could remain, even after an update (depending on your settings). So, I am posting the information here, for those who may want to ensure it is removed from their database.
  14. Delete or Move Bk 1.jpg and Bk 1-2.jpg From: Pictures\M\Marvel\M\Mighty Thor!, The (Lancer) To: Pictures\L\Lancer\Mighty Thor!, The (Lancer) Delete or Move 1.jpg From: Pictures\S\Source Point\The adventures of Cthulhu jr. and Dastardly Dirk To: Pictures\S\Source Point\Adventures of Cthulhu Jr. and Dastardly Dirk, The Delete or Move 1.jpg From: Pictures\H\Humanoids\The Retreat To: Pictures\H\Humanoids\Retreat, The Delete or Move ALL (1.jpg - 5.jpg) From: Pictures\S\Star\ThunderCats (Canadian Edition) To: Pictures\S\Star\ThunderCats (Canadian) Delete or Move TPB.jpg From: Pictures\C\Citadel\The 50 Most Erotic Films of All Time To: Pictures\C\Citadel\50 Most Erotic Films of All Time, The Rename 1-B.jpg to 1.jpg then Move From: Pictures\I\Image\A\Angela To: Pictures\I\Image\A\Angela (Vol. 2) (Note, this matches the Notes but not what is on AA) Rename 1-A.jpg to 1.jpg From: Pictures\A\Aircel\Rated X Rename 1-HC.jpg to HC.jpg From: Pictures\I\Idea + Design Works\Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (IDW) Rename TPB.jpg to 1.jpg From: Pictures\D\DC\A\Art of Walter Simonson Rename TPB.jpg to 1.jpg From: Pictures\M\Marvel\P\Planet Hulk- Gladiator Guidebook Rename TPB.jpg to MMPB.jpg From: Pictures\M\Marvel\U\Ultimates, The- Against All Enemies (Pocket Books)
  15. When I open Collections Statistics (F12), using V1851, it randomly selects the type of Breakdown.
  16. Delete or Move 1.jpg and 915.jpg From: Pictures\A\Amalgamated\Gem Library, The To: Pictures\A\Amalgamated\Gem Library, The (2nd Series) Delete or Rename 1.jpg to MMPB 1.jpg 1-2.jpg to MMPB 1-2.jpg 2.jpg to MMPB 2.jpg 3.jpg to MMPB 3.jpg 4.jpg to MMPB 4.jpg 4-2.jpg to MMPB 4-2.jpg From: Pictures\S\Simon & Schuster\Super Powers Which Way Books Delete 2.jpg From: Pictures\S\Second Sight\Book of Lyaxia, The (Second Sight) (duplicate of 2-A.jpg)
  17. For new items, use Menu item Setup->Preferences... Near the bottom, change Standard Cost from Zero to Cover Price and Discount to 0%. NOTE: You can, of course, use other settings but the above will set Cost to Cover Price. For the following, make a copy or backup before proceeding, just in case 'something' goes horribly wrong... This will change ALL Issues and not just the ones you own (although you can limit it to just Titles you own). For existing items, I you can try Menu item Items->Mass Change. Select Mass Change. Set Change to COST Set To to Field, Cover Price Next to Apply To, click on the Selected Titles (this will bring up a Title Select window). At the top, next to Show, click on Titles in Stock. In the display, to to the top and click on (high-light) the first title. Then go to the bottom. Press and Hold the SHIFT key the select the last title. NOTE: This should select/high-light all Titles (that you own). Click OK. Next to Selected Titles should be a number for the amount of titles selected. If everything looks okay (and you did make a copy/backup, right?) click Make Change. You will be informed that this can not be undone (hence, the copy/backup...). click okay to implement. Having Item's you don't own with a Cost shouldn't hurt anything. Alternately, depending on the Edition of CB you have, you could try to Export the items you own, import to a spreadsheet, make the changes there, save the results, then Import back into CB.
  18. Not sure this will help, but can you update to the same version (v1827) as I have (and it works on my computer)? If that doesn't help, you may need to email support at support@comicbase.com.
  19. First, let's check to see if a normal find works. Do a Find for Item Field: Price Choose 'Is Between' from the drop-down box. Enter 1000.00 and 2499.99 in the two boxes. Run this. If you get 5 issues displayed, then the find is working and something about the ComicBase Statistics isn't working. If you get the same 'No Matching Items were found', I would try using File->File Tools and Rebuild Lists. Specifically Item Information but it won't hurt to run the first 3 or 4 items. After that, check the Find again (either with Find or in ComicBase Statistics. PS I tried the ComicBase Statistics find for Value and my Archive Edition v1827 seems to work.
  20. I believe it is "Tathagata Palm" by Huang Yulang. Here is a link to a translated page: https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=zh-TW&u=http://daaaer80.blogspot.com/2012/11/part-1.html&prev=search&pto=aue The cover is way down the list (#130). PS To find this, I saved the image than used it in a Google Image search.
  21. Are you sure about that? Looking at the index on Grand Comics Database (GCD), it appears to be about 15 pages of text (maybe with some illustrations) and a 4 page Grendel (comic) story. I don't have it but if it is mostly a comic story, then it should be moved. Otherwise, I am not sure it should be. PS It really doesn't matter to me where it goes.
  22. Thanks. I see now that it is currently listed under The Saga of the Swamp Thing. I know nothing about either of these titles but Annual #3 dated for 1987. The Saga of the Swamp Thing ran from 1982- 1986 (last issue dated February 1986). Swamp Thing (2nd Series) ran from 1986 - 1996 (first issue dated Mar 1986) Just going by those dates It would appear it should have been left in the 2nd Series but, as you stated, the indicia may have played a part.
  23. Delete or Move 1.jpg From: Pictures\C\Crackbrained\Crack Brained To: Pictures\A\Allied Graphics\Crack Brained Delete or Move 3.jpg From: Pictures\C\Crackbrained\Crack Brained To: Pictures\C\Crackbrained\Crackbrained Comix Delete or Move ALL (1-A.jpg - 1-C.jpg) From: Pictures\S\Shannon Smith\Knox County To: Pictures\H\Hyperverse\Knox County Delete or Move ALL (1.jpg - 11.jpg) From: Pictures\B\Big City\Brotherman To: Pictures\B\Big City\Brotherman- Dictator of Discipline (For the below, it looks like all the various Cinescape Titles got consodicated into one title in Magazines): Delete or Move 0.jpg and 1.jpg From: Pictures\C\Cinescape\Cinescape (Vol. 1) To: Pictures\W\Warner Publishing Services, Inc\Cinescape Note: 6.jpg (March 1995) should probably be moved also, but there is currently no Item #6 in the new Title. Also, the following should also be moved to the same location: 6.jpg (March 1996) and 12.jpg (Sept-Oct 1996) should probably be Moved From: Pictures\C\Cinescape\Cinescape (Vol. 2) but 6.jpg are duplicate Item #s for different covers. AND Delete or Rename 4.jpg to 40.jpg then Move From: Pictures\C\Cinescape\Cinescape (Vol. 5) To: Pictures\W\Warner Publishing Services, Inc\Cinescape Also the following should probably be moved also, but there is currently no Item #78 in the new Title. Delete or Move 76.jpg From: Pictures\C\Cinescape\Cinescape (Vol. 7) To: Pictures\W\Warner Publishing Services, Inc\Cinescape Delete or Rename 1.jpg to HC.jpg and 1-A.jpg to MMPB.jpg then Move From: Pictures\B\Byron Preiss\Spider-Man- The Venom Factor To: Pictures\B\Boulevard\Spider-Man- The Venom Factor Delete or Rename TPB 2.jpg to MMPB 2.jpg and TPB 3.jpg to MMPB 3.jpg From: Pictures\B\Boulevard\Time's Arrow To: Pictures\B\Boulevard\X-Men & Spider-Man- Time's Arrow Rename 65-A.jpg to 65.jpg From: Pictures\M\Marvel\A\Amazing Spider-Man, The (5th Series) Rename 1-2.jpg to 1-A-2.jpg From: Pictures\I\Idea + Design Works\Godzilla- Kingdom of Monsters Rename 2-C.jpg to 2-B.jpg From: Pictures\M\Marvel\M\Mighty Valkyries, The Rename 1.jpg to MMPB.jpg and 2.jpg to MMPB 2.jpg From: Pictures\T\Titan\Arrow (Titan) Rename 1.jpg to MMPB 1.jpg From: Pictures\T\Titan\Flash, The- The Haunting of Barry Allen Rename 1-HC.jpg to HC.jpg From: Pictures\P\Pantheon\Give Our Regards to the Atomsmashers! Writers on Comics Rename 1.jpg to MMPB and 1-HC.jpg to HC.jpg From: Pictures\H\HarperCollins\Last Days Of Krypton, The Rename 1-HC.jpg to HC.jpg and 1-HC-2.jpg to HC-2.jpg From: Pictures\H\HarperCollins\Marvel Comics- The Untold Story Rename 1-HC.jpg to HC.jpg From: Pictures\S\Spiegel & Grau\Supergods Rename 1.jpg to TPB.jpg From: Pictures\T\Titan\Tank Girl- Armadillo! and a Bushel of Other Stories Rename Bk 1-HC.jpg to HC 1.jpg 1.jpg to MMPB 1.jpg 2.jpg to MMPB 2.jpg 3.jpg to MMPB 3.jpg From: Pictures\B\Byron Preiss\X-Men- Mutant Empire Rename TPB.jpg to 1.jpg From: Pictures\M\Marvel\A\All-New Iron Manual Rename 1.jpg to TPB.jpg From: Pictures\V\Vanguard\Echoes- The Drawings of Michael William Kaluta For some unknown reason this was deleted: Delete Anl 3.jpg From: Pictures\D\DC\S\Swamp Thing (2nd Series)
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