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2022 Archive Screen Saver

John R. Costa

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Another thing recommended by our programming team... there's a chance when you uninstalled CB2021 caused the screen saver got removed. Double-check you don't have older versions of CB still installed. If not, see if you can run the CB2022 installer again and do a 'repair' install to get the screen saver back in. Perform a computer restart afterwards and see if it all works right.

If you still have trouble, give us a call 408-266-6883

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your screenshot is kinda small to make out the file extensions... do you see the ComicBase Cover Gallery.scr file? If not, run the CB2022 program installer and do a 'repair' install. See if the file appears in that folder afterwards because that's the screen saver program.

If the problem doesn't fix with a repair install, email our support team directly at support@comicbase.com.

Do you recall how you initially installed CB2022? Did you uninstall CB2021 first? You're running on Windows 10?

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It looks like you have:

ComicBase Cover Gallery         Application         411 KB
ComicBase Cover Gallery.exe        XML Configuration      2 KB

When I checked mine I have:

ComicBase Cover Gallery.exe.config    Config file          2 KB
ComicBase Cover Gallery.scr        Screen Saver        404 KB

You might try deleting (or moving to another location) the two file you have, the try to either:
Install CB and use Modify.
Uninstall/Install CB

And see if this gets it installed.


Screen Saver file.JPG

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