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Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe (Vol. 2)

Jeff Panian

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On the last update I received several comics that indicated they were "unrecognized items" as they are not part of the current master database.

I didn't create this title, it was there when I searched and it matched my comic.

Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe (Vol. 2)
UPC Code: 07148602034912
Issue: 1


when I try and find the correct title that is apart of the Master Database.  I am completely stumped.

Any suggestions on how I can find this title?

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The short answer is it was moved to Magazines.

The long answer is:

At the top of the CB window, there is a Find box.

Make sure it has 'Title name or barcode' in it. If not, click the Find drop-down box to its left and select it.

Type (or paste) in the UPC code 07148602034912. You will be show 4 issues that have the same UPC. All of them are in the same Title.


Start typing the Title  'Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe'. The drop-down suggestion should have the Vol 2 title in the top 3 or 4 items.


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Comic Books tell stories with Picture and words (mostly as there are some 'silent' comic stories).

Since this is just informational, there are no stories involved.

If a story is told in text with some illustration, it would be a Book. (like the Little Big Books that alternated between a page of text then a single large illustration)

It was published as a periodical (at least for a time) which is a feature of Magazines and not books.

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There was a longer thread discussion on this at one point in the forum, but I think that the bulk of that discussion was lost during the server crash a month or so ago.  

Bottom line is that HC decided to move all periodical versions of titles such as OHOTMU, Who's Who, Official Index, etc to magazines for the reasons that Steven outlined.  If there were collected editions for these titles, then I believe that sometimes they are listed under the same title as the periodicals.  However, in some cases the collected editions have been posted under the books category (this happened with the Essential collections of OHOTMU).  

In general, this shouldn't be too big of a hassle from the ComicBase end of things.  However, it does make it more difficult for folks to sell these titles on Atomic Avenue since (based on the last time that I checked) browsing an individual seller's store on AA shows only their comic book inventory and nothing from their book or magazine inventory.  

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