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Robert Wood

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Before I upgraded, when I downloaded covers from Comicbase HQ I got covers without watermarks. (replacing the old watermarked covers)

After upgrading to the 4K I now rarely get any new covers - which means I keep the old watermarked covers, obviously I would prefer none watermarked covers.

Something seems to have changed at your end?

Is the folder we download from different?

Since January last year have been going through Comicbase from A-Z one by one getting better covers , and uploading hundreds of better covers when I find them, I made it to "N" in the alphabet but now it seems not worthwhile continuing because there are very little none watermarked covers coming my way.

I try and do a A-Z pass of Comicbase each year, but got slowed up this year because I found lots of new titles to submit.

And yes I am obsessive - lol!

All the best for the holidays folks.




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None of my covers for Nancy Drew have watermarks.

What is happening when you try to download?

Do you get a message 'No new or larger covers for the selected items currently available'?

If you are, the system my not be downloading the cover because the information in you database indicates there is no larger cover (watermarked or not).

If this is the case you have a few options.
1) Download / install the picture files/disk. They should not have watermarks.
2) If you don't want to replace your entire Picture folder and you have the disk space:
   Download / install the pictures to a different folder. Then copy the covers over to replace the watermarked ones you find.
3) Either
     Find and delete or move all the watermarked covers.
     Use File->File Tools - Manage Pictures and Movies and point the location of the Pictures to some other folder.
Then Run File->File Tools - Rebuild Lists with the box for 'Pictures files list' checked. (Note: This will take a LONG time to complete (a few hours).
Finally, point CB back to the original picture folder.
At this point the system will know nothing about the cover sizes and should download any available cover.

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Yes I get the no larger covers message.

But I didn't before the latest version. I just used to get the watermarked covers replaced in nearly all cases.

Now I rarely get anything but the message.

It's all very odd.

Happy to try your solutions and thanks for your help but something has definately changed.

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Pete tried this, it may work for you...

1) go into File Menu>File Tools>Manage Pictures and Movies

2) take note of the current picture path for where your pictures draw from

3) set a new picture path (this will clear your pic references).

4) set the picture path back to what was noted in step 2

5) download a cover that was being problematic - seemed to work for us.


Also tried this...

1) deleted the problematic image (if you were trying to download a higher-res version).

2) go to a different title then returned back to it (which zeros out the pic reference since there's no image anymore)

3) download cover - that worked too for us.


Can anyone reproduce this problem after switching to a different folder/zeroing out their pictures, then switching it back to the regular place and attempting the download with the now-zeroed picture references?

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Hi just an update from my current experience -

I downloaded the latest update.

I do get downloads of covers I don't have.

However watermarked covers are still not replaced with none watermarked versions.

A workaround that works for me is when I find a title with watermarked covers, I open the picture folder delete all the covers, then go to the previous title, then forwards to the title such that they are no picture icons showing, then download covers, and hey presto I have none watermarked covers.

A bit of a pain though.

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If the watermarked cover is the same size as the non-watermarked cover, the process would know about watermarks and just sees the same size cover.

If you have a lot of watermarked covers, it may be best to just install the new set of cover from the download file or disks (using either the full-sized or thumbnail 'quick start' files).  This would be a one-time process that should get rid or all watermarked covers (with maybe a few random ones that got missed).

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