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Marked/Unmarked Not displaying indicator in 2022

Trevor Pearson

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I just upgraded my DB to 2022 Archive. I use the marked field to manage my want lists -- utilized it as such since before the want list feature was available.

I figured out how to display the field and move it relatively close to the front, but regardless of marked/unmarked there is no indicator in the field. Even after closing and re-opening the application.

Going to the issue view, you can see that the issue is still 'marked' in the DB.

Is there a way to actually display the marked field? Or to bring back the old functionality that used the triangle indicator for 'marked' books?


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In my CB 2022 database, the Marked check mark does show up in the grid.

Not sure why you are not seeing it.

What Theme settings are you using (in case there is a problem with one of them)?

Is this a problem for all types (Comic Books, Books, and Magazines)?

Can you include a screen print of what you are seeing?

PS Here is what I see (with issues 1 and 3 Marked:


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