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When I scan an Identification label barcode, I get a different title each time

Walt Grogan

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I'm looking into using Identification Labels but after positioning back to the Find textbox with a Ctrl-J and scanning the barcode, I get a different title each time I scan it. I think I have my barcode scanner set correctly and I'm assuming that I'm scanning correctly. I'm assuming that if I type the Id number in the Find textbox, it should bring me to the issue. Am I correct and is there a way to see what the Id number is for any given issue?

BTW, I have no problem scanning an issue's UPC + 5.


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Hi, Mark--

It looks like the scanner is dropping the first and last characters. I'm getting 4009513 from the scanner but I've confirmed the barcode is B4009513D via a barcode reader app and successfully looked it up in ComicBase. I'm using a TaoTronics scanner and successfully set it to UPC with 2 and five supplements but I haven't found the configuration yet to get it to read the leading and trailing alpha characters.

Thanks for your help! And thanks to Steven for the suggestion. I had gotten that far but scanning into NotePad++.



POS_048 Label.jpg

POS_048 ID.jpg

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