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Marvel Masterworks: *THE* Spectacular Spider-Man

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The database includes two titles for the same series:  Marvel Masterworks: The Spectacular Spider-Man and Marvel Masterworks: Spectacular Spider-man.  [note the presence/absence of "the" in the title]

The indicia for all of the released volumes for this title includes "The" in the title, so the former title should stay and the latter title should be deleted.  

Prior to deletion, however, issues #1/HC and #1/A should be moved from the incorrect title to the correct title (the correct title is missing those issues).  

Also, is there any particular reason why the contents of the Notes fields for Marvel Masterworks: The Spectacular Spider-Man are in all caps?

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The all capped notations are from Diamond Comic's solicitation data files. It's too much to clean up the format when we're dealing with thousands of solicitations per month so we take them as is. If anyone feels inclined to adjust them and submit corrections that be appreciated.

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