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When ComicBase (not Sidekick, unless that changed) does a content update, it produces a report of Unrecognized Items.

The first step on trying to reconcile these items is to see if the Title was moved from Comic Book to Magazine or similar, with the second step verifying if the particular matching item exists in the moved title.  It might be helpful if the report could automate and eliminate these two steps.  Upon finding an unrecognized item, it could perform a check of the title in the other two mediums, and if found, perform a check on the item in the new title, and indicate these results in the generated report.

Ideally, I'm picturing sections for "Unrecognized Comic Book Titles found in Magazines" and "Unrecognized Comic Book issues found in Magazines", etc.  Alternatively, it could be parenthetically mentioned in the report line by line after each unidentified item.  Minimally, the report could typographically indicate the differences in statuses.

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What would be more efficient would be for the program to move your inventory when a title changes its category.  So if (for example) a title gets recategorized from comic to magazine, your inventory automatically gets imported into the title that was created in the magazine category.  


EDITED TO ADD:  Similarly, if a title name gets corrected (even if it doesn't change category) it would be helpful for the update to move inventory from the deleted title to the new, correct title.  

Bottom line:  I want to spend the bulk of my time curating my collection, not curating my database!  @Peter R. Bickford are you listening?  

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32 minutes ago, Fred Slota said:

At that, I'd prefer that to be an option.  I prefer having manual control over something like that.

I suspect that the programming for my suggestion would be less tricky than what you are suggesting, but yes, I would envision it to be something that the user could opt into or out of using a radio button (much like the "update item values" options that we are currently presented with during each update).  

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I like the idea of CB automatically changing the category.  I may be over (or under) thinking it, but changing categories is a bit of a headache.  I typically have to rename the original category's entry to keep track of which is moving.  It seems like they move when I look them up, with the most recent usually being higher on the list. 

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