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Cloud Sync not working

Fred Slota

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Don't think I saw it mentioned.

Cloud Sync not working.  I had closed the program, and what I believe was the automatic backup was at first hanging, not progressing, don't know what the status message was, didn't pay attention.  It was just stuck on an animating progress bar (Which, since it doesn't actually show progress, I probably shouldn't call it that).

Canceled and manually initiated a backup.  It went into a cycle of optimizing, Preparing, rinse and repeat.

Rebooted and felt happy, I at first thought it worked, as it didn't get stuck, and didn't repeat over and over.  But...



Preparing backup (0%), then 59%, 72%, 84%, 96%, 100%

But then a little red message at the top saying "Error sending data." and the Sync status telling me the last backup was still 1/1/2020.


Currently running version

The Current version page states that the current version is, and the change log does not mention any cloud sync corrections.

The download page says I'll be be downloading


I'll install, reboot, and try again and post an update.



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Running now...


Manually started


Preparing backup (0%), then 44%, 59%, 72%, 84%, 96%, 100%

Backing up

twiddle, twiddle, twiddle, 

probably been 2 minutes, didn't check at first...

5:31 pm...


5:36 pm, still thinks it's running.  Guess it's still not working.

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try downloading/installing the revised CB2020 program installer ( from your online account here:



Restart your computer and then open up Sidekick. Double-check you Sidekick settings just in case like the databases listed under the General Tab are correct. If everything looks good, try out backing up to the cloud.


NOTE: we are currently doing server maintenance this week which may delay stats, reports, and backups from appearing under user profiles; it may take a bit more time to process them than usual.


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