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„value over time“ in Collection Statistics stopped working

Axel Imholz

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I was hoping for an answer as I have a similar (but not the same) problem with the Value Over Time graph.

Since I had to export/Import my data to a new database, the graph only shows the most recent update (no history for this database). See first attachment where date range is from 1 Jan 2022 to 4 Mar 2022 (last update).

This isn't quite true, as it shows history for the previous update marks but all the values are 0. See second attachment where date range is from 1 Aug 2021 to 4 Mar 2022 (last update). Note that the last '0' value was 10 Nov 2021 was for my old (no longer exits) database. Nothing historical has been saved since then.


Value over Time.JPG

Value over Time 2.JPG

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