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„value over time“ in Collection Statistics stopped working

Axel Imholz

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The feature „value over time“ in Collection Statistics stopped working last July. Since then only the most recent value is added and is overwritten with the next price update. Until July there was a new dot with each weekly price update. The result as shown today are many dots from last January to July and the next dot is from this February update.

Any ideas ?

value over time.jpg

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Spoke with our programming team and there was an update bug for international Windows regions with earlier builds of CB2022 that got fixed fairly recently. That bug  is most likely the reason why you're not seeing what you expect with your graph.

Going forward, you should be OK. Unfortunately, there's no way to get those missing points to show up at this point.

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What happens with all Updates is a copy of the Master Database is sent to your computer, then compared to the Local Database. Any differences get applied to the Local database (based on preferences and settings).

So, you can't reapply updates 1 week at at time and get information at that level.

It is updated from the last time you updated to current Update (whether that was 1 week ago or 1 year ago ( or more).

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I think i'm confused. That last dot looks like its showing you're last update date 2-19-22. Are you expecting to see something more? If you're expecting those missing dots from last Jan to July, they won't show up. That was a bug that got fixed recently and your update dots should start recording properly, but the fix won't show those missing dates from Jan to July.

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Something that I have noticed on these graphs is that the x axis does not have a consistent scale.  

On 2/19/2022 at 1:47 PM, Axel Imholz said:

value over time3.jpg

Looking at the above graph, for instance, you can see that the distance on the x axis between Jan 3rd 2021 to March 14th 2021 (more than two months) is the same as the distance from March 14th 2021 to April 17th 2021 (just a few days more than a single month) and is also the same distance from June 26th 2021 to Feb 19th 2022 (nearly eight months).  

The result is an inaccurate view of the rate at which the collection's value has changed over time.  

Any chance of getting that fixed?

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