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Where is my Data

Phillip Geller

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Hi... I have been noticing that upon opening ComicBase, I end up missing data like Artist, Writer, Title from my application... all that is left is the issues I bought.  I can see the info in an earlier database back-up version, but how do I get this info brought into the current database and moreover prevent this info from being wiped out? 

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HI I am using "ComicBase 2022 Express Edition"...  regarding the data specifically these fields are being removed (after I have manually put them in): Storylines, Writer, Artist, Inker, Colorist, Letterer, Editor, Cover Artist and Cover Inker.

Fortunately the Qty & Cost fields are staying, but that is about it.

I've noticed that older backups have some of this information, is it possible to export these fields and reimport into the active database?

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Thanks... that makes sense why I am not seeing an Export.  I do see an Import function, which looks like can read text files, but I am not sure what data format it would need to be in (i.e. comma separated).  The titles and issues I've marked as having do not seem to be impacted, just the fields I mentioned before, end up getting blanked out.  I was thinking if I could do some kind of an export as a back-up and then import if anything goes wrong that would be a help. 

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Either a Comma or Tab separated file can be imported. I prefer Tab delimited.

Attached is a sample export file (Tab delimited) to show what an import file could look like.

I included most of the common fields. The only mandatory ones are Title, Item # and Condition to uniquely identify a row. You don't have to use all the fields I supplied. Just the ones you need.

And I guess I wasn't very clear. If you could supply one or more Title name / Issue numbers,  I could look in my database for those Titles/Issues to see if they also had information deleted.

Test File.txt

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Thank you... I get the format and data import now.  Even tried it out with your file and it worked perfectly.  Kind of stinks that the Express version does not have an export.  That could one way to safeguard the data.

Also, I am wondering if sidekick has something to do with it.  I did just update the Content Update setting to not have any item checked.  Originally I had Title info and descriptions checked... so hopefully this will safeguard my data.

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Original poster indicates that various information was deleted during an update (Storylines, Writer, Artist, etc.).
It would look like Attachment 1.
He said the information was in a backup but, since he has Express Edition, he couldn't Export (just Import).
I supplied a format for the Import.
However, when he ran the import with Qty 1 in the file, CB Duplicated the rows instead of adding to them.
See Attachment 2 (Red circles the original rows while Blue circles the Imported rows).

PS There is still the original question about why the data was deleted in the first place.

Import 1.JPG

Import 2.JPG

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