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If we're going to sanction the database madness of repeating Cover Artist in both its dedicated CoverArtist field and the Notes field, can we at least settle on a consistent nomenclature?


I suggest "Cover by Joe Smith" or "Retailer Incentive Cover by Joe Smith", as opposed to "Joe Smith Cover" or "Joe Smith Retailer Incentive Cover".  This would allow searching for cover artist in the notes field.


As a related suggestion, notes about photo covers should use the form "Cover of model Jane Doe" as opposed to "Cover by model Jane Doe", clarifying the difference and allowing for consistent searches.

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we prefer the 'Retailer Incentive Cover by Joe Smith' format.

Problem is some of our users fight against this and send in data in their own style, we do our best to catch it before it gets integrated in the master database but it can be tough sometimes with hundreds of submissions coming in daily.

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