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Specs on scanning covers for submission

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Hi.  This has probably been addressed before, but I couldn't find it doing searches through the search bar.  I have a number of comics that I want to send cover scans in for, either to replace ones that are incorrect, or to send ones that are not in the database.

What are the requirements for cover scans?  I've heard to do them at 300 dpi, and other bits of info.  My goal would be to scan them big enough so that you could use them for both regular versions of ComicBase, as well as the 4K quality version.

I bought a ton of comics at a local auction, with many of them being "mature/adult" comics. I only bought them because I didn't see many of them in the database and I'm excited about contributing to ComicBase.  Being that they are "mature/adult" comics, is there anything specific I need to do when scanning them in or submitting them?

Thanks for the help!

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You pretty much have it. Scan at 300 dpi and create a *.jpg file with little compression (in Photoshop Elements I use 12 which is max setting).

They should be cropped to just include the cover.

If there are any Flip books,  scan them as if you opened the cover flat (one will be upside down).

Note: Depending on the size of the better or incorrect cover you are replacing it may not be accepted. In this case, you can:

1) Email it to support (with information on what Title/Issue and why it is being replaced).

2) post it here in the forums

3) if you happen to be on Slack, you could send it there.

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