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Demon Days: X-Men Creator's Cut

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This item appears to currently be listed as variant 1/Q of the title "Demon Days: X-Men".  I'm not sure this is the right place...

Content-wise, I can see the similarity, as it contains the inked-but-unwatercolored contents of the source book, "Demon Days: X-Men", but this book is twice as long, as it also contains a creator note, character studies and raw pencil-art for most of the book as well. 

Having said that, the Indicia reads "Demon Days: X-Men Creator's Cut" and the book has a UPC that is different (75960620312300111) from those of the others (for example, 1/O listed as 75960620105100130), clearly indicating Marvel's intention that this is a non-variant #1 issue of a separate title.

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I don't know, how different is that from an annual or special, which are listed under their parent titles? I don't think it should be 1/Q, but maybe it should be SE 1 or something.

I'd personally prefer that annuals, specials, and the like all had their own titles, but that's not how ComicBase has been structured.

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