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Problems problems problems

mark d. smith

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By default the database files are located in:

C:\Users\<logo-id>\Documents\Human Computing\ComicBase Databases

Look there to see what *.cbdb files you have.
Hopefully, you only have one but you probably have 2 (or more) if you have been using Save A Copy.

Open CB and look at the Title bar (very top left corner) and see what database is being opened. (Red circle in attachment).

CB will open the last database that was opened when you closed it.
You can use File->Recent Databases to get a list of Databases that CB knows about (I happen to have 3 that I use). (Blue circle in attachment)

Find the one you want to use as you actual database and select it.
Once this is opened (check title bar to be sure), close CB.
The next time you open CB that is the database that will be opened.

Note: In the list of databases CB knows about, you can right-click and remove any you don't want to be there. This does NOT delete any actual database. It just removes it from this list.

I am not sure why you used Save a Copy in the first place, but if you were trying to make a backup, this is done through the menu item Setup->Preferences where you can control making backups.

Any covers you added should still be there as all CB databases use the same Picture Folder.
If you have a significant number of entries in the incorrect database, I believe the Pro edition can Export and Import data.
You should be able to export data from the copy (or copies) and import into the correct database.
There are a few issues with the way the data is handled but that can be covered if you need to do this.


Edited by Steven L. Dasinger
I helps to actually add the attachment.
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Just to clarify, the "Check for Updates" function checks to see if there are content updates from Human Computing (for example, info regarding new comics that were published over the last week or so) and updates to the ComicBase software.  If you have been using that function 4 or 5 times a day while working on the same database, you shouldn't be discovering that you need to download new content or software updates each time.  There just aren't that many updates in a single week, let alone in a single day.  

However, each database gets updated independently.  If you have two databases and you run a content update on database #1, only database #1 will be updated.  Database #2 will not be updated unless you run "check for updates" while database #2 is open.  If you have been creating brand new database files 4 or 5 times each day and you run "check for updates" on each database, then each of those new databases will undergo a content update.  

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What are the steps that you are doing to generate the pop-up screen that you are showing in your most recent post?  

When you open up ComicBase, it should automatically open up the database that you had open when you last quit the program.  It shouldn't be going to a back-up database unless that is the one that you had open when you last quit ComicBase.  

You can also see a list of the databases that you have had open most recently.  Go to FILE --> RECENT DATABASES to see that list.  You can select from the list and open up the database of your choice from that list.  If you know the name of the database you were working on during those 8 hours, you should be able to open up the database that you were using during all of that work.  

Another question for clarification:  have you done anything to try to force ComicBase to keep your databases someplace other than the normal default location that ComicBase chooses on its own?  You aren't trying to use ComicBase on something like OneDrive or similar service, correct?

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