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Marvel vision

mark d. smith

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Going by the description of issue #1 at MyComicShop ( https://www.mycomicshop.com/search?TID=85221 😞

Stan Lee writes of Marvel's 35 years of comic book journeys;
article on Marvel Versus DC, with comments from Peter David, Ron Marz and Mark Gruenwald;
Dan Jurgens interview;
article on the Age of Apocalypse toys;
article on Spumco's Comic Book, with comments from John Kricfalusi;
Artist Vs. Artist: John Romita, Sr. and John Romita, Jr. draw the same piece of plot;
article on the writing process, with comments from Warren Ellis;
article on 'The Phoenix Resurrection,' with comments from editor Hank Kanalz;
Q & A with Chuck Dixon;
Marvel's Silliest Moments: the Spider-Mobile;
Q & A with Ron Wagner;
The Marvel Chronicles: 1939-1961;
Time Slip:
The Thing illo by Kelley Jones;
article on X-Nation 2099, with comments from Tom Peyer and John Francis Moore;
X-Nation character sketches by Humberto Ramos;
article on Askani'son, with comments from editor Lisa Patrick, Scott Lobdell, Gene Ha, Jeph Loeb and Andrew Pepoy;
Fabian Nicieza describes how to keep the comic book sky from falling every day.

It appears to be a magazine.

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