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Where Should Le Black Chat Go?

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Here's a really odd little book.  It's a mini comic by Matt Kindt and it is tied in to his current miniseries, "Mind MGMT Bootleg."  If you're not familiar with Matt Kindt, he is one of the most unique creators in comics.  He has done a book and record set as well as a Jack Chick style book as part of his Mind MGMT series (world?).  This mini comic is being printed as a back up story in the series "Mind MGMT Bootleg" but it was collected into this edition that was given away at SDCC 2022.  The confusion arises from the fact that there is no indicia, the only credit is on the front cover and reads "by Perrier."  There is no publisher listed, no date, no price, no UPC, just a comic story.  It mentions "Mind MGMT" in the context of the story but otherwise appears to be a standalone book.  Mr. Kindt has posted pictures of the process of its creation and said that it would be handed out to the first 50 attendees of his panel at SDCC. 

So does it belong with Mind MGMT?  Does it get its own entry?  Do I credit Matt Kindt or Perrier? 


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On 8/21/2022 at 7:59 PM, Gregory Hecht said:

I assume that Perrier is either a pen name or is an in-world character?  That there is no “real” Perrier?

Correct.  I'm sure there's some kind of joke in there beyond the obvious reference to the bottled water.  I've read it but don't recall any in-story reference to a Perrier.  I'll read it again to be sure though.  To my knowledge, Matt Kindt had not used a pen name.  His art is pretty distinctive and this book certainly fits his usual style.  Plus, there's the pic of him on his Facebook page working on them...



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Mark would of course be the final arbiter on these things, but I think a short comment in the Notes field would be appropriate.  

I wouldn't suggest making a notation in the creator field since the way CB is currently set up, only creator names can go in those fields.  Plus, it has been longstanding CB editorial policy that pseudoyms don't go into the creator fields. 

Occasionally a discussion bubbles up about wanting the database to reflect not just the actual people who worked on the comic but also the actual names used in the comic's credits.  It's a worthwhile discussion to have* but I don't know that it has ever moved up to the front burner at HC.  



*Especially since even some modern day mainstream creators have used pseudonyms unbeknownst to the majority of their readers... so if CB editorial policy is adhered to strictly, names like Dennis Hopeless would disappear and folks would wonder who the hell is Dennis Hallum.  (The database currently lists Dennis Hallum, Dennis "Hopeless" Hallum, and Dennis Hopeless as he has published under all three names.)  Similarly, some creators change their names in the middle of their career (Jim Owsley, James Owsley, James C. Owsley, Christopher Priest, and Priest are all in the database; Glynis Oliver and Glynis Wein is another example).  Admittedly, the problem is a can of worms, but it probably should to be revisited.  

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