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I think I'm broken...

Rob Twohy

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I think I'm broken. I uninstalled and reinstalled, and I still can't get most titles to show up.

For instance, Action Comics simply doesn't populate. When I type in Daredevil it DOES populate in the search, but it takes SEVERAL seconds to show up, and when it does, it's Spiderwoman?

Something is definitely wrong.




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Try this.

Click on the Find drop-down box next to the data entry box.

If Series Name or Barcode does not have a check mark next to it, select it.

If it does have a check mark, select something else, then click on the Find drop-down box again, and select Series Name or Barcode.

(Some time CB thinks it is a different selection.

NOTE: To replicate your results (Daredevil takes you to Spider-Girl Presents the Buzz and Dark Devil' and Actio is not found), I had to select Death.

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One thing to check is right-click on the large cover image in the top left corner and select 'Show Picture File'.

This will take you to the folder containing the covers for that title.

What is in there?  Just the one cover or all of them?

Also, did you install the pictures? They are in a separate download from the program. (or are on the install disks but you have to install them separate from the program).

To download, go to your My Account on ComicBase website, Registrations and click the green arrow next to your current subscription.

On the next page, you will have an option to install the Quick Start version (thumbnails initially but will download show larger cover if you select it).

Or click the Other radio button to get to all the Picture Disk files (you will need to download all of them).

Then, in CB, File->Install Pictures and Movies to install them.

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