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Sidekick does not seem to be working correctly (Particularly Wish list)

Jeff Arns

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I don't use sidekick too often.  It is always down on my task bar, but recently I cleared out my wish list in Atomic Ave because it had a whole lot of old wishes.

Now when I run Sidekick - settings - save to cloud has the Add wanted issues box checked. (I've tried to run perform all tasks) It doesn't seem to run.  It doesn't update my wish list in atomic ave.

What am I doing wrong?

Screenshot 2022-11-04 200105.jpg

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This is beyond my knowledge of how to fix. But I am guessing there is some mis-match between your database and your account.
Here are some things you can check.
In CB use File->Collection Statistics... (or F12).
see attachment
Click on the icon near the top right corner (circled in red)
This will display your database ID (circled in blue)

Next go the the ComicBase website.
In the top left corner, click on My Account->Profile.
Scroll down to Known Databases.

Check the Database Id from CB against what is shown here.
You may need to use the Database drop-down box to select different databases.
I would remove any/all databases that don't match the Database Id in CB.
NOTE: I you do delete all of them, you can get yours back by using Collection Statistics (I think). If not, I think saving your database to the cloud will do it.

Next go to My Account->My Comics. This is where your Mobile Reports are listed.
Check the Database Drop-down box to see if any old databases are listed.
If you have any reports for these old database, you could Remove the Report.
(Not sure is the reports are used with the Wanted lists so this may not be needed).

Once you have only a Database listed that matches your database, this should (I would think) allow CB and aA to sync correctly.
But this is pretty much some guess work on my part.

Database Id.JPG

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