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Designate Default Cover Image for a series? (AKA the -1 problem)

Larry Robertson

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Is this just a ME problem or is anyone else really put off that when you bring up a series like Uncanny X-Men the default image that comes in is NOT the beautiful Terry Austin cover of issue 142 but rather the NOT SO beautiful 1997 minus 1 cover image? I'm really not sure how this could be fixed because obviously it's defaulting to the lowest issue number and -1 technically comes before 142 (or 1). Perhaps some option to select which issue's cover to use as the default series image? It just seems so wrong for this gimmicky '90s relic to represent a series like this that would be better served with a classic John Byrne/Terry Austin one for example? So if not a check box to over ride a numerically chosen one then maybe we designate Minus Ones in some other way so they stop cutting the line like that! 

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8 hours ago, Larry Robertson said:

it's defaulting to the lowest issue number

Just to clarify this statement a little bit, It defaults to the lowest number in a TEXT sort order.

If it was a NUMERIC sort order and you had covers for issues 2 - 20, the cover displayed would be 2.

But with the TEXT sort order in CB, if you had covers for Issues 2 - 20, the cover displayed would be 10 (i.e 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16. 17. 18, 19, 2, 20 (note position of #2))

Even stranger, if you had a set of covers for 2-9, 20-100 (skipping all the other issues that have a 1 at the beginning), the displayed cover would be 100.

This also means, if you had -2 and 1 with covers, 1 would be the displayed cover and not -2.

This makes no difference to your Feature suggestion. Just explaining what CB is really doing.

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