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Semi-refreshing search results

Fred Slota

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So, I'm going through cleaning up apostrophes in Storylines.


I did a search for I.[Storylines] LIKE "%'%".

I'm part-way through changing, the search grid title reads "Search Results (58 found)"

I double-click an item to get to the Issue info, change the apostrophe and save.

Afterwards, the PC pauses for a few seconds, mouse pointer in the "please wait" mode.

When it finishes, the modified item is no longer showing in the Search Results grid.  This seems like unusual behavior - I don't remember this happing with Search Results before.


But that's not what I'm posting about.  The grid appears to be refreshing, but the count of results is not.

I corrected a number of Storylines, the entries disappear from the rid, but the search grid title still reads "Search Results (58 found)".

I dismiss the Search Results and rerun the search, and now I get "Search Results (38 found)".


If the grid is going to refresh, shouldn't the display count also refresh?



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Actually, it either runs the Find again or at it filters out rows that were changed so they no longer qualify for the Where clause.

Ran Advanced Find with I.Storylines LIKE "%'%"
Search Results 97 Rows, Actual rows in Grid is 97.
Double-clicked on a row to bring up the edit window.
Changed the straight 'tick' to the curved 'apostrophe' and saved.
After the 'wheels stop spinning',
Search Results 97 Rows, Actual rows in Grid is 96.
Either it ran the Find again or it Filtered out the changed row since it no longer qualified without the 'tick' mark.
Note: If you edit in the Grid instead of the Edit window, the row is not filtered out.

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Thanks for confirming the behavior, Steve (can I call you Steve?)  Whatever it is doing, the edited row does end up disappearing; it might not be re-performing the search, but it does appear to be doing something more and thus taking longer than what Pete (can I call you Pete?) thinks is supposed to be happening.  Either way, non-updating or re-performing the search/filter, I can be okay with either.  However, if the list is going to shrink, then the "Search Reported" number should shrink as well.


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Steve is fine.

This may be a 'feature' of the database program (SQLite) handling the result set in the background and not a specific programming process 'filtering' out the changed row when it no longer qualifies for the Where clause.

I am leaning towards filtering because if the Find was run again, it should( ? ) update the row count.

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