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Shipping death.

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I'm confused with what you are describing as the problem, and what you are suggesting as the solution.


3 different shippers?  As in, your order is for multiple items, being broken across multiple sellers, and thus being shipped in multiple shipments with multiple shipping charges?


As for your proposed solution, if I understand the proposal, how often would your seller(s) be local/co-local such that they could hand-deliver to a drop-off or shipping consolidation location?

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This sounds like it should really be posted over at the Atomic Avenue message boards rather than here in the ComicBase message boards.  

That said, and at the risk of continuing a thread that belongs elsewhere, I'll say that I'm not sure why your shipping costs would be $35.  Is this domestic US shipping?  Or shipping across the Atlantic Ocean?  Is this for floppies, or for something like a large heavy book?  Or are you saying that the sellers all have minimum purchase requirements of $35 per order?  

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1 hour ago, Richard R. Scott said:

Fred, yes. Gregory, Yes, US shippers for regular issues. I was attempting to get 5 issues of a title I have been trying to find for 40 years now. I will not spend more that $10 for shipping for that little amount. I add the shipping to the price of the book as it's a cost.

For five typical US floppies, the weight would be too much for First Class Mail, so AA will calculate shipping for that order as a US Priority Mail flat rate envelope shipment.  Presently that costs $9.65, so AA charges $10.15 so that the seller can cover their shipping costs *plus* the costs of bags, boards, sealing tape, etc for your order.  

The above assumes that all five comics come from the same seller.  If those comics all come from different sellers, then you kind of have to expect that each of those sellers is entitled to s&h reimbursement, yes?  

A reminder that US postal regulations explicitly exclude comic books from being eligible for Media Mail.  I know a lot of sellers use it, but postal inspectors can (and sometimes do) inspect the contents of Media Mail packages... if they believe that the contents don't meet the regs for Media Mail, they will send it along to the recipient as a "postage due" package.  (Yes, it does happen... last month I was the recipient for a vendor's package that shipping comics via Media Mail and I had to pay a hefty postage due bill to get my package.)  

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