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This week's update error, but also, no covers?

William Steel

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William, you're running an older build. Download/install the revised CB2023 program installer (build 2535) and see if it helps from your online account: https://www.comicbase.com/mycb/Registrations.aspx

Also, with the latest build, make sure you're able to launch and exit out of the software with no trouble. To help smooth up your database, go the file menu>file tools - optimize. Try updating afterwards and see if that helps.



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Internet Menu>Check for Updates.

*If you've already downloaded the latest content update, hold down the 'Shift' key the next time you go into the Internet Menu>Check for Updates to redownload and/or see the update options.


The default top setting is to 'All' for all media types. If you want to be selective with the media types you want, bubble in 'Selected Types Only' then pick what media types you care for.

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Ok, so I downloaded the latest software update (build 2640) and then the content update. Had an error popup again and didn't finish. The next day I did the content update through Sidekick without any errors (can never tell with Sidekick...); but the log file only shows comic books updating, no other media. And no mention of covers although I think I did get some of them. I see there is now build 2665, but I'll wait until the end of the week to install and see what happens then.

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