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Clean up for 03/24/2023 content update

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This probably isn't a new item from this week's content update, but it is something that I noticed when looking through the 3/24 update file posted at the CB homepage:

The database includes the title Carl Barks Comic and Stories Original Art Edition to the Books category.  Two comments on this:
1.  Based on the cover, this looks like it should be titled Carl Barks Comics and Stories Original Art Edition [note the "s" in "Comics"]
2.  The title description indicates that this includes the original art for nine complete comic stories.  That means this should really go into the Comics category, yes?


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Mark, this is a pre-order and won't be in stores until 31 May.

From Previews:

'This volume prints 9 complete Carl Barks stories in the original, full size they were originally drawn in glorious black and white. '

Since it contains 9 complete stories, it is probably mostly comics. But that depends on the number of pages per story and the number of pages in the book.

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