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Content update without upgrading to CB2024?

Fred Slota

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I'm not quite ready with my time to switch over to CB2024.  I've been away for a few weeks, and just want to apply the content update to my current CB2023 database.


Internet | Check for Updates, and I'm presented with the "Program Update Available" window, presenting 2 choices, "Update" or "Not Now".  I don't wish to update, so I choose "Not Now", and...   nothing.


Shouldn't it proceed to the content update?

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When I upgrade a version of CB, I take the time for a yearly archive and cleaning.  It might not take time to install, but I do.


However, having been on vacation, I have a 3-week backlog of issues to enter, and a 3-week out-of-date database to update before entering, and would really like to continue using CB2023 at the moment.


I would really like to just apply the content update at the moment without doing the upgrade, which I seem to not be able to do.  Holding down the Shift or Ctrl key while Checking for update does not bypass the Program update prompt.

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I think that I’m at least some situations the program update has been necessary for your ComicBase program to know how to handle the weekly content data. I don’t know that has been true all of the time, but it has been the case at least some of the time (obvious examples include new fields or new media categories). 

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Thanks for that information J. Smythe.

I have tested this out by uninstalling CB 2024, installing CB 2023 and opening an old database that needed content updated.

Using Menu item Internet/Check for Updates will require you to install any 'forced' update without the ability to update content.

But, using Menu item File->Collection Statiistics (F12) then selecting Download Update WILL download the content update without being asked to update the database.

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